>Obama’s First 2 Years Were Very Good

>Death of another Republican talking point:

While voters may have been unhappy, President Obama has quietly maintained his position as one of the equity market’s most well loved Presidents. As shown in the table below, the 47.6% gain in the DJIA since he took office ranks as the third best first two years for any President since the start of the 21st Century (FDR 90.5% and Coolidge 52.6%).

Note the story should read “start of the 20th Century,” as well. Anyway, so much for that “most anti-business President in U.S. history stuff.” The chart:


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3 responses to “>Obama’s First 2 Years Were Very Good

  1. >Well sure, S.B. And that Marxist health care plan the Kenyan usurper used to be the Republican response to the Clinton Health Care plan. As such, it was carefully crafted to upset no large corporations.No matter:President Obama has launched a new initiative aimed at reforming U.S. regulation to be more pro-business in a piece in the Wall Street Journal. The move continues the President's overt public shift to be more accommodative to business interests.~

  2. >Unrelated comment spoiler alert:I thought about you this morning as I read the Tennessean's editorials about the fairgrounds and the racetrack. Should be an interesting meeting this evening…

  3. >I know you don't like anyone to mention such, but his policies have been either Bush's or Republican lite. Of course, the fake stock market likes him (no jobs have been created, thus, fake stock market based on institutions buying and selling each other and making profits on the market moves with no real progress for this civilization mirrored in the stock prices).Have you seen him actually fight for anything progressive (not to mention Liberal) yet?Sorry I can't be more positive, but when you see what his Cat Food Commission has in store for your financial future, you may want to reconsider your judgment of his administration.Or maybe I'm wrong.I hope so.Love you,Suzan