Here We Go Again

A stray dog showed up in front of our house this morning: no tags, collar, etc. We’ve alerted the neighbors and put up flyers but I think he’s settled in. What do you think?


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13 responses to “Here We Go Again

  1. >eee! issa Pibble!*rubs pibblebelly and gives earskrichies*yes, is very comforbly-looking.:Dwe has pibble too – see?

  2. >pit bull? Really? I wasn't sure. I thought maybe some kind of terrier?

  3. >that's what a 'pit bull' is – their proper breed name is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, either of English or American descent. Don't let all the crazy mad-dog hype fool you; =any= dog can be made vicious if brought up improperly or intentionally mean. the only attacks our girl perpetrates are tongue-lickings when a chin or ear is within range.He looks to be fairly well-adjusted and social – does he have an ear tattoo or any evidence of an ID chip? He still has his nads, so he might even be pedigreed…

  4. >If he's a terrier, it's like an Am Staff but without the bulk.If he's young, though, that might come.If he's Pibbly, so what? He seems like a happy boy; they are only a problem when mistreated and untrained.

  5. >Mortimer:No ear tats but I'm taking him to the vet today to see if he's chipped. If not we'll wait a week before neutering in case the owner shows up. After that: kiss the nads goodbye!

  6. >yeah, only real need for nads is if he's being stood to stud – beyond that, they're just hormonal nuisances.:)

  7. >He's definitely someone's pet. He gets along with the dogs and cats don't bother him a bit. He took to a squeaky toy like he'd had one all his life. I gave him an elk antler to chew on when he was chewing on his bed and it's like he knew "Oh THIS is the chew toy, THAT is not." Obviously house trained … but he's acted like he's never been on a leash in his entire life. Which, since he's small, he probably hasn't.

  8. >Aaaaaaw! Soooo cute! He's home!

  9. >Is there an animal version of the old hobo code? Because they all seem to know yours is the house with the chalk drawing of the cat.(Translated: "A kind lady lives here.")

  10. >…did they find a chip?

  11. >Nope. And no response to my fliers or e-mails and positively *crickets* from the three rescue organizations I contacted when I said I need help with placement though I'm happy to foster.Looks like we have a new dog. We named him Riley.

  12. >I would've said he looks like a "Cap'n Jack", what with the eyepatch and cavalier outlook on life.:D

  13. >Cap'n Jack would've been a good name, wish I'd thought of it! We decided he's living the life of Riley.He won't have such a cavalier outlook on life after his nads get clipped.