Time To Play Glenn Beck Off?

I don’t think this from the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol is a random piece of conservative opinion:

But hysteria is not a sign of health. When Glenn Beck rants about the caliphate taking over the Middle East from Morocco to the Philippines, and lists (invents?) the connections between caliphate-promoters and the American left, he brings to mind no one so much as Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. He’s marginalizing himself, just as his predecessors did back in the early 1960s.

Bill Kristol is one of those intellectually dishonest neocons of whom I’ve said, repeatedly, that he’s been wrong about everything since forever. I happen to think if Bill Kristol had an original thought it would die of loneliness, by which I mean, he doesn’t come up with these ideas by himself. I think some serious seeds are being planted within the Republican Party to shove Beck out the door.

Why? Well, I have long suspected Glenn Beck would become a liability for conservatives, sooner rather than later. He was a very useful tool in rallying the partisan base for the midterms, but a presidential election requires an appeal to more mainstream voters. That requires a less divisive approach and in that regard, Beck is a liability.

Last week I saw this item about Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who has a 7% stake in NewsCorp. Al-Waleed bin Talal is the billionaire Saudi financier who is nephew to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. I guess he’s been able to overlook all of the Muslim-bashing Beck and other FOX News folks have been engaged in all these years. But now it appears he’s getting a little nervous about his investment. In the U.K. a Murdoch-owned British tabloid is embroiled in a major phone-hacking scandal which took down the Prime Minister’s director of communications and threatens a major deal to acquire BSkyB; Stateside, Beck’s increasingly unhinged rantings offend American rabbis and tarnish the NewsCorp brand:

Those familiar with bin Talal, who has given tens of millions of dollars to charities seeking to bridge gaps between western and Islamic communities, say he will have been dismayed by any whiff of controversy threatening his business interests.

“He is an incredibly intelligent man and deeply honourable; you can only speculate about what he must be thinking now,” said an acquaintance.

Coming at a time when News Corp wants regulatory approval to take over British satellite broadcaster BSkyB, both the phone-hacking scandal and the row with the rabbis are damaging not only to the company’s reputation but its bottom line.


Worryingly for Murdoch, who is used to his investors taking a back seat, the prince is a far from passive backer. As a sizable investor in bombed-out banking giant Citigroup, bin Talal has been vocal in calling for its management to improve the firm’s fortunes, warning its chief executive last year that the “honeymoon was over”.

I have to think that Beck is far too big a liability for both Republicans’ political aspirations and Murdoch’s business aspirations to hang around much longer. It will be interesting to see if I’m right.

I also find it curious that the U.S. media has done so little coverage of Rupert Murdoch’s UK woes, considering what a navel-gazing bunch our American media is. Anderson Cooper gets bonked on the head and it’s headline news from coast to coast. And you know darn well if MSNBC were in this kind of trouble, FOX would be all over it.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if Beck’s fortunes took a sudden turn south. And when that happens, I’m sure liberals will get the blame — some cockamamie story will be concocted to allow conservatives to continue to demonize the left and keep the anger and rancor alive.

(h/t DougJ at Balloon Juice.)


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10 responses to “Time To Play Glenn Beck Off?

  1. >I say, good riddance!

  2. >I'm sorry, there must be something wrong with my network connection: the words "tarnish the NewsCorp brand" keep popping up no matter how many times I hit the escape key.Perhaps it's a message from a parallel universe gone horribly awry…

  3. >If Beck does take a powder, it'll be Limbaugh doing the dirty work!

  4. >SoBe,Why wait for a Saudi prince to take matters in hand when a Spocko-style boycott of Beck and Fox advertisers might accelerate the process.Yes, I have been thinking of this lately. What has me boiling angry about Beck's caliphate rant is his lumping of "leftist" liberals in his global conspiracy delusion. This is the same paranoid mindset that cast Jews (read: Holocaust) and Communists (read: McCarthyism) as public enemies … the same inflammatory rhetoric that incited Jim David Adkisson to murder in the infamous Knoxville Unitarian Church incident.Perhaps it is time to organize another boycott until Beck is gone from broadcasting (starting with an exploratory Private Beach discussion later this week).

  5. >I don't think boycotts work, I really don't. There's been a Spocko-style boycott of Beck for years. He has hardly any advertisers, they keep dropping like flies. But when you're dealing with an ideologically driven motive for your programming, then things like advertisers or boycotts don't matter. Murdoch has been carrying Beck for years, just like the Moonies have been floating the Washington Times. Neither of these conservative media outlets can make money in the traditional "market" sense … it's not the free hand of the market keeping them in business it's the largesse of their Sugar Daddies.

  6. >SoBe,Beck’s history of inciting violence:Byron Williams – Stopped by California Highway Patrol for driving erratically, Williams shot and injured two officers before being captured. In his possession were a handgun, a shotgun, and a rifle loaded with armor-piercing bullets. According to investigators, Williams wanted to “start a revolution” by murdering employees of the Tides Foundation and the ACLU. The murderous rampage was motivated by a blackboard chalk talk promoted on national television by Glenn Beck.Richard Poplawski – After entering a police precinct in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Poplawski ambushed and killed three police officers. The crime was motivated by a false story about an alleged FEMA conspiracy to intern conservatives in concentration camps … promoted by Glenn Beck on national television.Total Casualty Count Directly Attributable to Glenn Beck Conspiracy Rants: 3 dead police officers in Pittsburgh and 2 injured police officers in CaliforniaThere is no civilized country in Europe that allows this kind of hate speech on national television, and it shocks me that it is tolerated, even promoted, here.Demonization and hate speech costs lives. I should point out that Beck's network rankings have dropped from #2 to #5 in recent weeks and his radio program has been dropped by 2 stations. PUBLIC OPINION MATTERS.Are you in or out?

  7. >Octo –I don't need to be schooled on what a heinous little turd Beck is. I'm not saying he's not deserving of a boycott. I'm saying boycotts are not effective. They haven't been effective in years. Just ask the American Family Assn. how effective boycotts are. Or MoveOn. Boycotts don't work because most customers don't give a shit, and when it comes to hate speech like the kind Beck peddles, the network doesn't give a shit. The only thing that will work in a case like Beck's is when his enablers decide he is no longer worth their trouble.I personally do not watch Glenn Beck. I think he has one advertiser left. His ratings have tanked. But he's still on the air and he's still spouting his nonsense and it's still getting picked up and broadcast around the world every time he opens his mouth and says boo.

  8. >I'm guessing that if Glennie has to go it will be with a splash– hopefully of his own graymatter– when he finds out that he IS a fucking tool and one that has become obsolete. It would be a win/win for NewsCorpse, no more paycheck for Bek and they get to feed on his martyrdom.

  9. Jim

    >Wow nice deathwish for him there demo.

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