Time For Us Women To Cut You Boys Off

I am so ready to nip shit like this in the bud:

Dr. Hal C. Lawrence III, vice president of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said contraceptives fit any reasonable definition of preventive health care because they averted unintended pregnancies and allowed women to control the timing, number and spacing of births. This, in turn, improves maternal and child health by reducing infant mortality, complications of pregnancy and even birth defects, said Dr. Lawrence, who is in charge of the group’s practice guidelines.

But the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and some conservative groups, including the Family Research Council, say birth control is not a preventive service in the usual sense of the term.

“Pregnancy is not a disease to be prevented, nor is fertility a pathological condition,” said Deirdre A. McQuade, a spokeswoman for the bishops’ Pro-Life Secretariat. “So birth control is not preventive care, and it should not be mandated.”

About one-half of pregnancies in the United States are unintended.

Wow, and right on the heels of the whole “forcible rape” outrage, too. Assholes.

I will never understand why the people screaming the loudest about how awful abortion is are the same people putting up roadblocks to women trying to access birth control. What the hell is wrong with you people?

And don’t even get me started on the whole tortured “pregnancy is not a disease to be prevented” bullshit. Who says “preventive care” applies only to disease?

Last week I got into an argument with someone over abortion coverage in insurance policies. He said he didn’t understand why he should pay more because women are “irresponsible.” Because an unwanted pregnancy is always the woman’s fault! Isn’t that neat how that works? Heads you win, tails we lose.

Look fellas, I’m sorry you lack the plumbing that would enable you to get pregnant, gestate and give birth and all that. I’ve long suspected your inability to create life in the same way we ladies do has been a source of equal amounts fascination and disgust on your parts for thousands of years. Grow the fuck up already.

You know, I can’t imagine what it’s like to have my reproductive organs flying around loose in the breeze where any predator, fungus or hunting accident could come along and snip it all off, making me evolutionarily irrelevant. That’s a hard burden to bear, a not-so-subtle reminder of how biologically dispensable you guys really are. There are always more males out there willing to spread their seed; it’s the female of the species who carries the burden of the species’ survival. We’re the ones who not only bear the young but care for them as well.

This isn’t me talking feminist claptrap, this is basic evolutionary biology: the bird that’s going to get snapped up at the feeder is the bright red highly visible male cardinal, not the drab brown female blessed with a natural protective camouflage. She’s more important in the grand scheme, which is why she’s been given this protection. God I know that chaps y’all’s ass big time.

It’s the battle of the sexes, played out over thousands of years. Men are bigger and stronger and take down a mammoth but for all your bravado it’s we women who keep the species going. And you’re just dying to control that, too.

Well guess what: you can’t. And you won’t. The earliest cave women knew which plants and herbs and tinctures and infusions prevented pregnancy and induced miscarriage. It’s in the archeological record. Women have been doing this for thousands of years. Do you seriously think you can stop what women have been doing forever? You won’t outlaw abortion, you’ll just drive women to desperate, unsafe, archaic means of doing what they’ve always done. And keeping women from accessing birth control is only making more unwanted pregnancies, not fewer of them.

I repeat: We’re the ones who not only bear the young but care for them as well. We know what’s best for us. And we will act accordingly.

I’m thinking this battle needs another ancient solution. A little nationwide Lysistrata action, perhaps. I’m tired of being dicked around by you assholes. Really, I am. And while plenty of men out there are believers in women’s reproductive choice and women’s access to birth control, I’m thinking maybe some of you guys just aren’t fighting hard enough on our behalf.

I think it’s time to cut you off until you guys recognize that we women will not be pushed around, that “small government” does not mean government small enough to fit inside my womb, that women can be trusted to make the right decisions for the human race because dammit that’s what we’ve been doing for thousands of years anyway.


Oh for God’s sake. This was totally the wrong day for me to learn we have a state breastfeeding law. Words fail me.

Jesus get over your squeamishness, people. What is the deal?


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  1. >Hey hey hey!Dontchew know ladies are supposed to be barefoot and pregnant? And where are mah sausage and grits? Back to the kitchen, woman!~

  2. >You t'hell them Miss Beale!Fascinating how much these "men" care about the unborn, but cannot be bothered to pay their child support, taxes, or attention for the already born.

  3. >threadjack:…Speaking of privileged males, how's the new arrival getting along?

  4. >He's doing great! Lots of puppy energy… LOTS of puppy energy *SIGH* .. .can't wait for him to get neutered so I can take him to doggie day care.

  5. >As the proud recipient of a non-intrusive vasectomy, I beg your forgiveness.

  6. >Don't hold back! I mean tell us what you really think!I do agree with you and I do wish these people who should know better wouldn't try to impose their ignorant social conservative fringe crap on the rest of humanity. It's just more repetition of history, I guess.

  7. >They're just jealous because they're not getting any.So I googoled articles/statistics on Sweden, of all places! Turns out they have the highest rate of teenage sexual activity and the lowest rate of teen pregnancies between Britain, Canada, France, the U.S.A. and Sweden. Way to go!Then I started thinking about all those sweet little fifteen-year old French girsl giving it up to their boyfriends and I had to stop.

  8. >It's onlt right that the Bishop Boppers, Cardinal Cuffing, Pope Pulling prelates of the RCC stand up and tell the truth about this! They know it's sin to be fuckin' wit GOD's divine plan 9. Why anysorta messin' about with health and stuff is, like, bad. That's why allathem Cath-O-Lickers* pray away teh sick, just like they pray away teh GAY–or not.* I put in enough time as an altar boy so's I can give 'em shit.

  9. >Man. This post is just righteous. You said what I've been thinking, only much more eloquently. I, too, am tired of this shit.

  10. >things aren't looking good in this country or for our future. i recommend every woman buy a copy of "out bodies, ourselves." we don't have to go back to cavewoman and herb days; there are safer and more modern alternatives that we can use. even if we end up in a theocracy in which information about our reproductive health options is banned, we can still, now, educate ourselves about the "hidden wisdom" SoBe mentions. righteous rant, Sister. i always shut down the anti choicers with "if a black man raped and impregnated your mother/sister/daughter, would you support choice in that situation?" because most anti choicers are also racist, it makes them sputter and flop.

  11. >From the Savannah Morning News editorial section – Letters to the editor 2/8/2011:Christians should toss birth control pillsThis is in response to Kerry Thompson's Feb. 2 letter "Society needs to promote culture of life." The writer asked, "How are Christians creating a culture of life?"Conservative Christians of our day need to throw their birth control pills in the garbage can and have faith that God opens and closes the womb.We say we have faith in Christ's finished work for salvation, yet we cannot trust God in all areas of our life.Furthermore we need our Bible-believing pastors to affirm this fact – God opening and closing the womb – from the pulpit.THOMAS DOYLESavannah—amusing, eh?

  12. No-Good-Liberal

    Dear Republican Males,