Nashville Scene Calls Out Tennessean On Berman Propaganda

Well this should be fun! Our own Nashville Scene has called out The Tennessean for repeatedly running “op-eds” by corporate sockpuppets working for D.C. PR man Rick Berman. The piece includes a nice shout-out to yours truly, too. {blushes}

I’ve written about The Tennessean’s epic fail before, notably here and here. In May 2010 after they ran a column by Berman employee David Martosko, I wrote:

This is now the third time The Tennessean has fallen for Rick Berman’s propaganda game. Back in February they ran an anti-MADD Tennessee Voices column by “Sarah Longwell,” who fronts several of Rick Berman’s phony organizations, including the restaurant industry-funded American Beverage Institute.


Okay, Tennessean. Will the third time be the charm or is there going to be a fourth incident before your Opinion page editors learn how to hit the Google?

Sadly, there was a fourth time: this column by “J. Justin Wilson” against a plastic bag ban ran back in January. Wilson is identified as “Senior Research Analyst at the Center for Consumer Freedom.” For the record, I haven’t heard of any serious campaign to ban plastic bags in Nashville. Maybe I missed the story.

Let’s meet young Mr. Wilson, shall we? According to the CREW wesbite Berman Exposed, he’s a busy fellow. In addition to his Center for Consumer Freedom duties Wilson is also:

• Senior Research Analyst, Berman and Company
• Managing Director, Center for Union Facts
• Senior Research Fellow, Employment Policies Institute
• Managing Director, Employee Freedom Action Committee
• Senior Research Analyst, Employment Policies Institute

My, what a lot of hats Mr. Wilson wears! In fact, the only Wilson hat that fits is one: sockpuppet for Rick Berman’s corporate clients.

At this point I have to think The Tennessean is a willing participant in a dirty propaganda game. It’s a game which allows major corporations to present themselves as shiny-sparkly good corporate citizens, while at the same time financing an under the table PR war attacking environmentalists, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Humane Society of the United States, and other “do-good” organizations which embarrass Corporate America.

Thanks for playing along, Tennessean.


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8 responses to “Nashville Scene Calls Out Tennessean On Berman Propaganda

  1. >S.B., if you manage to instill a sense of shame in The Tennessean, please take on the greater project of doing same for the War Criminal Post (aka the Washington Post).~

  2. >SB, I've written to the Tennessean (motto: "Dumbing it Down for Tennesseans!") several times about their guest editorial posts. When I look up these people and find the organizations they represent I'm really shocked that the paper allows them the forum. Some VERY bigoted anti-Muslim posts were run back when we here in Murfreesboro were faced with the troglodytes marching against the proposed Islamic Center. Good luck keeping them honest!

  3. >The Tennessean doesn't run that stuff for free. You have to pay more than Berman does to stop it.

  4. > Doppler SchiffStop Humanewatch"David Martosko! Do you still have a job at the Center for Consumer Deception? We're curious why every trace of your name has been removed from the HumaneWatch website. Were you caught doing something illegal, perhaps?What happened to this page that was once proudly displayed on the HumaneWatch website?"

  5. >I'm all for the ban on plastic bags. In 2008 I went to visit Macchu Picchu. The river at the bottom of that ravine is filled with blue plastic bags. It looks like an invasion of jelly fish. This is the middle of the jungle!

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