>Glenn Beck, Union Man

>[UPDATE 2/25/11]:

Chris Balfe, president of Beck’s production company, says Beck is not an AFTRA member. Woopsies.


I’ll give Glenn Beck props for one thing: he’s been one of the few people in the media talking about the massive rallies of union workers and union supporters happening this week in Wisconsin.

People are protesting Gov. Scott Walker’s extremist anti-union legislation which would eliminate collective bargaining for public employees. There are reports of 30,000 protestors descending on the state capitol yesterday, and today’s rally looks to be as big.

Glenn Beck and the rest of the Fox fools have been whipping up the fear, because liberal rallies are always bad things and full of terrorists and terrorist appeasers and verging on violence (as opposed to conservative rallies which are Patriotic and Free Speech and Constitutional and Freedom and Liberty and yada yada.)

Anyhoo, yesterday Beck told the protestors their unions “are anti-western way of life,” which is the kind of thing people like Beck say: it’s just an insult attached to a group they don’t like (Nazi, communist, terrorist, leech, etc. + liberals, Democrats, Muslims, the poor, etc.), then regurgitated without any thought whatsoever. It’s intellectually lazy, but it gets the job done, and frankly with their audience, no more is required. “This group = bad thing.” Whatever. It’s boring.

I just want someone to ask Beck one thing: aren’t you a member of a union? AFTRA? American Federation of Television And Radio Artists? The same AFTRA campaigning to save Public Broadcasting? Beck’s name is listed on the Los Angeles chapter’s June 2010 ballot under “newsperson.” Maybe there’s another newsperson named Glenn Beck, to which I have to say: dude, I feel sorry for you.

If Glenn Beck is a card-carrying AFTRA member, then he needs to either tear up his union card or STFU about how unions are anti-Western civilization.

Just sayin’.


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  1. >Oh, SnuuAP, girl! Nicely done.

  2. >Yes, those darned anti-American unions. How dare they have gone and promoted things like standardized pay, weekends, overtime compensation, safe working conditions, health care and retirement benefits, pensions, sick leave, vacation, disability and unemployment benefits, workers comp, and fair labor standards. I mean really, no self-respecting, freedom-loving person would want those things.Seriously I am so tired of anti-union sentiment. They are no more corrupt or evil than our entire society is. And indeed the people making them the most corrupt are the same people or same type of people speaking out against them. We're Americans man. It's AMERICAN to be about the working man. It's historically European and foreign to make everything about the rich and let everyone else eat cake. I've heard tell people once had revolutions about that kind of thing.I hope he is a union member. I know he is a fool.

  3. >Nope, sorry, Glennie's "Union" is really just a loose, um, association of way kuhl dudes. Either that or Bek is a lying piece of shit.

  4. >Beck is calling himself anti-American.I agree!

  5. >Of course Beck is a lying piece of shit. He says the Madison demonstrations and Cairo demonstrations are linked and part of Obama's plan to bring on a pan-Islamic Caliphate.No, I don't watch him. I see clips on other shows. Either Beck is certifiably bat shit insane or in a multi-way tie for the most morally corrupt person on the planet (not mutually exclusive propositions.) Either way, it just means he's a typical Rethug.The great coverage has been from Ed Schultz on MSNBC. Gov. Wanker inherited a state with a budget surplus of $140 million, and tax-reduced it away – in 2 fucking months!. This whole ploy is not about the workers, nor is it about Wisconsin. It is about destroying the middle class and establishing permanent one-party rule in the U.S.Menzie Chinn has the actual salary break down, public vs private.http://www.econbrowser.com/archives/2011/02/analogy_watch_c.htmlWhen thinking about the Rethugs you cannot possibly be cynical enough. I learned that from Cheney. They don't just want to roll back the New Deal, like I used to think. They want to roll back the Enlightenment. This is the real road to serfdom.I hope all the people in the middle class of blue collar states like WI, MI, and OH will wake the fuck up and learn that they can never, ever, ever vote for a god-damned Rethug.I plan on posting a fact-filled rant tomorrow on the WI situation. I think I've lined up all the ammo I need.WASF,JzB

  6. >The fact that this is happening in Madison Wisconsin is the most ironic thing of all to me. Of all states to have a serious threat to the rights of collective bargaining, you wouldn't expect it to come from the state that was at the forefront of endorsing it.Those protests have spread to Columbus, Ohio, and we've got our own little fuss going on at the Legislative Plaza in Nashville now that our new GOP House is determined to gut the Tenn Education Association's right to collectively bargain with the School Boards.When Obama was being condemned by everyone on the right for working so hard to save GM I said it was because they were willing to sacrifice a million and a half American jobs if it would crush the UAW once and for all. This is all part of the same theme. The Chamber of Commerce has it's people in power now, and their agenda is primarily to tilt the table even further in favor of big bidness and away from unions and working people. We're at a very dangerous time in America, for labor, for women's reproductive rights, and for the survival of the middle class.Beck is merely a symptom of what's wrong. A big, festering, weeping boil on America's face, but a symptom none the less. Glad you're posting about this, too!

  7. >while I really really hate Glenn Beck, I have to say that some of the write in candidates on that ballot also include Big Bird, so I don't think that you have to be a member of AFTRA to be on the ballot under write-in candidates. is it possible to prove another way that he's actually a member? I'd love if he was!

  8. >I would say Big Bird is most assuredly a member of AFTRA. Sesame Street is a TV show, after all. I think the ballot is open to all members, which is why Big Bird (and Beck) appear on there to begin with.You certainly would not nominate a non-union member to be on the board of directors of the union.

  9. >Indeed, AFTRA is affiliated with AFL-CIO. I'm in it, and we follow the same mandates all well-run unions follow: equal pay, fairness doctrine, etc. Irony of ironies: Fox News operates in NY media market and has to abide by AFTRA rules which extend to many aspects of broadcasting remuneration, commercials, voiceover work, and everyone who's anyone who's on camera. That certainly includes the big names at FN.

  10. >AFTRA is affilated w/AFL-CIO, and the NY Local calls on-air personalities from all NYC major TV & radio stations members. That would include Fox News so it kind of puts an interesting spin on the usual message they tout there.(AFTRA member, different local – no direct contact w/NY members)

  11. >There's a difference between government unions and telecommunications unions. Government unions are relatively new things; even FDR, the Progressive Hero, argued against the formation of government unions.I think to be in the broadcasting business, union membership is a necessity. If unions had their way, every employee would be in one, without exception; monies taken from their paychecks and given to the Democrat Party.We need to break the unholy alliance between unions and Democrats. To break that bond would be a positive for democracy. You know that, but being a far-left ideologue, you can't afford to admit it to yourself even if you were in a locked closet.

  12. >If the Republic Party had their way we'd all be serfs to the Koch Brothers, slaving away in indentured servitude, owing our soul to the company store.Thanks for reminding us that this battle really is about the Republic Party's thirst for power. Tom DeLay's "permanent Republican majority" strategy failed, this is just another tactic in the same power battle Republics have waged ever since they got on the wrong side of history by alienating people of color back in the 60s.The demographics are not on the Republic Party's side. And as they continue to redistribute wealth upwards, widening the gap between the wealthiest 1-2% and everyone else, that will become ever more apparent. The numbers are not on the Republic Party's side, either. Whether they will win this battle in Wisconsin remains to be seen, but they surely will lose the war. The history of human civilization is filled with stories that prove this.Those who fail to learn their history are destined, if not doomed, to repeat it. Attacking teachers, conservatives? Really? You think this is a winner?

  13. >Serrated- Links in support of your FDR statement? With context?As for the rest, I don't see an argument. You make several declarations that are at best opinion, and not very well formed at that.And the use of "Democrat Party" just reminds everyone that you're not to be taken seriously.

  14. >Sorry folks to rain on your parade, but the ballot results that this blog is linking to includes WRITE-IN CANDIDATES. Beck was one of many, joining the likes of Frank Sinatra (dead) and Tomato (vegetable) as a candidates for the Local board. (He's not even based in Los Angeles folks, therefore, even if he was a member, he couldn't run for the Los Angeles board.)And really, Big Bird is your proof? Big Bird is a characters – also based in NY I might add. The member who plays Big Bird would be the candidate, not the character. Do any of you know HIS NAME? I doubt it, unless you Google it. Don't get me wrong. I would love for that hypocrite to be a member of AFTRA, so that his union bashing would be in vain, but unfortunately, I can write here with all certainty, Beck is not a member of AFTRA. You've got to trust me on this. See, Fox News Channel, contrary to what people think, is not organized. That means the people who appear on that cable network on a regular basis – anchors, people with programs, reporters – do not have to join AFTRA or any other news media union in order to work on the show. The same goes for CNN & MSNBC. None of the cable news networks are organized for their broadcasters and anchors etc., meaning they do not have contracts with AFTRA. Now, their cameramen and other technicians may be union. I don't know. I only know AFTRA. There may be some faces and names who work for those cable networks who have RETAINED their membership with AFTRA, but Beck is not one of them. The same applies for radio.Please educate yourself on AFTRA broadcast contracts by going to http://www.aftra.com/contracts.htm and review the information available in the "Broadcast" section of that page. You will find information on AFTRA's National News contract, which only covers ABC and CBS national news. Also there is a public broadcast contract covering PBS and NPR. You can also click on the Station Contract List: there you will find every single TV & Radio station in the country that have contracts with AFTRA. Again – sorry to debunk this, but it had to be done. I work in this industry. Linking Beck to AFTRA is running that union's good name through the mud by associating him and many of his wacko pundit friends with the union. In solidarity!

  15. >What do I think is a winner? This long-suffering nation will win if these new far-Left Democrats are defeated in whatever way we can. That means by exposing and stripping Democrats from their shady funding: including Unions and the funding from George (Owner, Democrat Party) Soros.And stripping Democrats of their shady voters: moochers who are attracted by promises of giveaways of Other People's Monies, taken as union dues and as excessive taxes.We need to return to a strong America; that certainly isn't the America we see today, led by BHO and the Left. Our foreign policy is a disaster (how many foreigners LOVE US, as was promised if/when BHO came along?); our fiscal house is collapsing (can't print enough money to satisfy liberals); our first lady is back on vacation. Again. Not that I miss her! Regulate some more salt and happy meals~!

  16. >http://www.washingtontimes.com/blog/watercooler/2011/feb/18/fdr-vs-wisconsin-teachers/FDR: [M]eticulous attention should be paid to the special relationships and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the Government. All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations when applied to public personnel management. The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for administrative officials to represent fully or to bind the employer in mutual discussions with Government employee organizations. The employer is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives in Congress. Accordingly, administrative officials and employees alike are governed and guided, and in many instances restricted, by laws which establish policies, procedures, or rules in personnel matters.

  17. >I find that most Conservatives like Glenn Beck are hypocrites. All you have to do is dig a little deeper……

  18. >I realize the "FDR opposed federal unions" line is popular among RWers these days, must have been sent out on the blast-fax or something because it's all we're hearing from the right, which is kinda funny but whatever. I don't see how something FDR said/wrote in 1937 has a bearing on us today in 2011, or has a bearing on teachers in the state of Wisconsin. And historians seem to agree. The link is a nice rebuttal of the "Oh but Roosevelt didn't believe in it so libs shouldn't either" line of thinking. Give it a read.

  19. >Yeah, I know. The Constitution is old, too. Ezra Klein and Meghan McCain told me so. Might as well toss it on the scrap heap of moldy history.But your unions are old too, and have outlived their purposes, even the non-government unions. See how well Nissan and Volkswagen are doing in our state, sans unions? How's that Saturn plant doing?It's just not right for public employees to have their union dues money forced from them to be spent on political contributions to only one party. Public officials are elected, and the government employee is supposed to be indifferent as to the outcomes of elections. But these gov't unions not only give monies but also contribute on-the-job time to 100% Democrat candidates; that money and time adds up to the candidate owing the union (blackmailed!) for whatever the unions want (mostly pay and benefits increases that are well above private-sector pay and benefits), and also unfairly shield union employees from economic downturns. These crybabies in Wisconsin blubber about contributing to their own health care costs and to their own pension costs. Who even has a pension anymore? I'm lucky to get an employee percentage match to my 401-K program. To borrow a 'progressive' whine: it's UNFAIR~!

  20. >Furthermore, by 1939, WPA workers were permitted to join unions.So. Something changed from that letter to a postal worker.

  21. >I'm lucky to get an employee percentage match to my 401-K program. So your problem is jealousy.I would suggest you put the blame where it belongs: on the private employers preventing you from having what is rightfully yours, not on the public employees who were fortunate enough to secure collective bargaining rights 40 years ago.Maybe you should join a union.

  22. >Heh. If I were jealous, I'd never have left the Democrat(ic) party. If you want to see jealousy, look no further than Democrats denouncing the 'evil rich' and the 'corporatists' who 'don't pay their fair share' of taxes. I'm not, nor was I ever, a moocher, nor was my family, all of whom were Democrat(ic)s. It seems that moochers drive that party nowadays; they are promised plenty of dividends for their votes. Me? I just work hard, day after day; and keep my nose clean. I don't expect anyone else to give me things I haven't earned. And when I do get a little 'something special', it's because I've earned it, and no one else deserves a piece of it 'just because' they are needy or greedy. I'll donate if I'm moved to do so, but I don't want to be used by a looter to help him or her buy votes from no-good moochers.We aren't the same nation we were before Lyndon Baines Johnson initiated the failing 'Great Society'. We are dead broke and maybe only months away from total collapse (when the dollar loses it's status as world reserve currency, well, things will change overnight).

  23. >Cricket wrote:"Yes, those darned anti-American unions. How dare they have gone and promoted things like standardized pay, weekends, overtime compensation, safe working conditions, health care and retirement benefits, pensions, sick leave, vacation, disability and unemployment benefits, workers comp, and fair labor standards. I mean really, no self-respecting, freedom-loving person would want those things."I worked as a temp with a textile company 20 years ago. The company offered me full time, but after my first check, I was taking home a lot less because of union dues. I didn't want to be in a union in the first place, but had to be. At this point I didn't have any political affiliation. Then I was offered a job somewhere else and I took it. I made more money, had all of the benefits you mentioned above, and all without being a UNION member. Most of the unions out there are unnecessary.

  24. >Yeah when I got, like, 10 hits from Malkin's site I had to see what was up. I posted an update earlier today.