Why We Scare Them

It’s Always Okay If You’re A White Conservatiave

I have wondered: what if the workers rallying in Wisconsin were armed? What if the Tea Party were black? Would the nation tolerate protestors wearing guns and waving threatening signs if those doing the protesting weren’t predominantly white conservatives?

The answer is simple: no. If even a small fraction of the tens of thousands descending on Madison, Wisconsin had brandished guns and signs about using violence to stop legislation, the National Guard would have been called out on day one. If the Tea Party were black we’d have seen water cannons and dogs, like in the ’60s.

When the Tea Party was allowed to brandish guns and wave threatening signs at their rallies, it only proved how toothless and anemic their movement is. They are no threat to the status quo, no threat to the powerful interests that rule the country. They can wave all the guns they want, they are supporting the wealthy and powerful, those “fighter pilots of capitalism.” The powers that be will let them display their guns because it’s no threat to them.

Workers rallying for their rights, however, upsets the status quo. Union members protesting in Wisconsin don’t need to wear guns — their mere presence is threatening enough. Witness the fearful rhetoric out of Fox News and supporters of the status quo, folks like Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck. These folks have called workers rallying for their rights “thugs” and “borderline violent” and “evil.”

I find this realization very profound. It’s not just the hypocrisy here, the IOKIYAR view that when Tea Partiers rally it’s all about “freedom loving Americans enjoying their constitutional rights” but when union workers do it it’s “thuggery” and “borderline violent.”

Conservatives are the party of the rich and powerful, and those people are scared. Let that one sink in for a moment, union activists: your mere presence frightens the wealthy and powerful.

This tells me that people like Gov. Scott Walker are on shakier ground than even they know.

Just a thought.


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  1. >And that's also why there's a full court press to bust the final big unions, and disenfranchise public workers.Scott Walker is a pig, we've had to survive years of his mismanagement as County Executive; but much as I loathe the turdwaffle, even I didn't suspect how quickly and egregiously he was going to try and corkscrew this state into the ground.Did you know that until he took office, Wisconsin expected to see a budget surplus this year? Created by a Democratic Governor, of course.140 million dollars in corporate tax cuts later, there's a Fake Budget Crisis that requires abrogation of public worker's rights.Recall Imperial Walker.

  2. >I fear any group that claims that guns are any sort of answer. I have a special fear of the Tea Party, because they know they can waive their guns with impunity. If they "misfire" or "accidentally" kill someone, their claims of "self defense" will have initial credibility that would never be given to a Black or Brown group.

  3. >I have the whole story about Wisconsin up on my blog.Be sure to watch Ed Schultz on MSNBC at 10:00 EST tonight for the latest.What's up with Tenn HB 103? I heard that it passed today, but can't get any info on it.Cheers!JzB

  4. >The Kochroaches have a hand in this:Wisconsin Is a Battleground Against the Billionaire Kochs' Plan to Break Labor's BackThe Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea PartyWisconsin Governor Scott Walker Funded by Koch BrothersI will never, ever be civil to a Republican ever, never again, and if civil war is what they want, then civil war is what they'll get.

  5. TDC

    >" Would the nation tolerate protestors wearing guns and waving threatening signs if those doing the protesting weren’t predominantly white conservatives?" I don't know how many people at the Wisconsin protests were armed, but there were several signs that were "threatening" Signs with Nazi comparisons is not benign The nation seemed to tolerate the protests rather well, as they were as peaceful as most "tea party" rally's (imo) So far so good One of these days the wayward 'dem legislators will need to return to Madison. Then it will get interesting

  6. TDC

    >Octopus wrote "I will never, ever be civil to a Republican ever, never again, and if civil war is what they want, then civil war is what they'll get." As a fiscal conservative more than a republican, feel free be as "uncivil" to me as much as you want (within the law). The First amendment still is in effect. However If I'm in public with my children,or extended family, I would ask you to exercise a reasonable degree of restraint.

  7. >TDC:"Fiscal Conservative" = "I've got mine, fuck the rest of you.". Fortunately for you and your kiddies I don't live near enough for you to have to worry about my unseemly behavior. Unions gave the U.S.A. a middle class and now idiots like you think that they are no longer necessary. The Kochsuckers hate that the lower classes (anyone not in the top 1%) have their goo-goo eye dreams about democracy, racial equality, tolerance of teh GAY and all the rest of the claptrap that keeps them liebrals from being more productive.

  8. >TDC,Lets clarify the terms of engagement. There was a time when our legislative process practiced the fine art of compromise and consensus such that the interests of diverse stakeholders were taken into account. No longer!Your goddamn party has adopted a “my way or the highway” mentality that disenfranchises all constituencies. Understand this: It is not just your fucking tax money. It is my money too. It is not always just your fucking priorities. I want MY government to reflect my core values and priorities. It is not always about what you think or what you want. I resent you’re your hypocritical politics that trades on pious buzzwords like “democracy and freedom” and then the first thing your candidates do when they get into office is persecute and oppress the loyal opposition. Don’t fucking tell me how my tax money should be spent, what church dogma becomes the law of the land, or how I should act in the privacy of MY own bedroom.I resent the Republican war against the social safety net, against environmental protection, against woman’s health, against infrastructure investment, against regulations that prevent fraud and abuse committed by those who bought and sold your goddamn party. And if you don’t like my attitude, then shove it up your ass. There is an angry backlash building on my side of the political aisle, and you better be fucking careful about what you ask for.

  9. Jim

    >Octopus:There is a simple solution for your desires…. get people elected who believe what you believe. All of you seem upset that the newly elected Republican majorities are doing exactly what the people that voted them into office want them to do. Republicans were pissed that Obama started passing stuff that he said he would pass, so they worked hard and elected alot of people that would change the course in their state and in the Congress. If you don't like it, then at the next election get it changed. The Dems that have fled the state are the ones blocking the democratic process from proceeding. They should all be thrown out of office for failure to perform their duties as elected. I would give them a few days to show up or be replaced.

  10. >Jim, One of the reasons it's hard for the left to elect people who believe what we believe is that these candidates are allied with working people, not corporations. That means the playing field is not even. Corporate entities like Koch Industries have billions of dollars to spend on lies, propaganda, and swinging elections. Working people have whatever small dollars they can scrape together. The result is we have a hard time electing people who are on the side of the people because it's a David and Goliath match up.And this is exactly why corporations have bought our Supreme Court and fight tooth and nail against things like election reform and public financing of elections.So no, "elect people who believe as you do" sounds very nice, but you're being glib, as usual.