>Crank, Prank or Pwn? It’s Real! Walker Punk’d

>[UPDATE]: 2

After threatening to file ethics charges against Wisconsin Democrats, it appears Gov. Walker may be in some ethics trouble himself. Taking a phone call from a big campaign donor? That’s a no-no:

“If you didn’t believe it before, you have to now—this fight isn’t about the budget, it’s about favors for corporate special interests,” continued Donnelly. “If Wisconsin law forbids coordination with political donors similar to federal law, Gov. Scott Walker is not just in political trouble, but in legal hot water.”

Public Campaign Action Fund is currently in discussions with election experts on whether Gov. Walker may have broken state election law and whether a complaint should be filed.



Walker’s office confirms the call is for real. Oy vey. Scott Walker just made a colossally stupid mistake, bragging in true fan boy fashion to a man he thought was oil billionaire David Koch. Wisconsin, this just tells you so much about the guy you elected governor, where his allegiance lies and how he thinks. He won’t talk to Senate Democrats (unless it’s a trick to get them back into the state capitol so Republicans can declare a quorum), but he eagerly takes “David Koch’s” phone call and dishes all his secrets.

Schadenfreude. It’s what’s for breakfast.


Did a crank caller really convince Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker that he was talking to David Koch? And did Walker really spill the beans on his strategy to hold Wisconsin Senate Democrats’ pay and file ethics charges if any took help from union supporters? And did the prankster really tape the whole thing and post it on the internet?

We still don’t know if This is for real but the tapes sound pretty convincing. and it’s not the first time a prominent conservative got punk’d, either.

(Note: I accidentally left off the second recording in my original post. I’ve corrected that mistake now …)

Here are some juicy bits. For one thing, if this IS for real, it seems Walker is trying to set a trap:

GOV. WALKER: An interesting idea brought up to me this morning by my chief of staff, we won’t do it until tomorrow, is putting out an appeal to the Democrat leader that I would be willing to sit down and talk to him, the Assembly Democrat leader, plus the other two Republican leaders. Talk, not negotiate, and listen to what they have to say if they will in turn — I’ll only do it if all 14 of ‘em come back and sit down in the state Assembly. They can recess it to come back over and talk to me but they’ll have to come back there.

The reason for that is, we’re verifying it this afternoon but legally we believe once they’ve gone into session they don’t physically have to be there. If they’re actually in session for that day and they take a recess, this 19 senate Republicans could then go into action and they’d have a quorum because they started out that way. Um … so we’re double checking that.

If you heard that we’re gonna talk to ‘em that would be the only reason why, is we would only do it if they came back to the capital with all 14 of ‘em. My sense is hell, I’ll talk, If they want to yell at me for an hour, I’m used to that! I can deal with that! But I’m not negotiating.

What. An. Asshole.


More ….

I just finished listening to the second part of the recording. I’m struck by three things: Walker has a tremendous ego and is incredibly arrogant. This is not a humble man.

Two: he realizes this is not about Wisconsin, this is about crushing organized labor nationally. He knows what killing collective bargaining in Wisconsin means. This was the plan. This was never about Wisconsin.

And three: Walker’s obviously seeking David Koch’s approval, which speaks volumes about Koch’s role in all of this. Walker might as well be saying, “I did good, didn’t I, huh huh, didn’t I?” He reminds me of my dog when we’re playing fetch, the way she’s just so eager for approval when she drops the ball at my feet. Walker is practically doing somersaults and handstands to show Fake Koch what a star politician he is, what a big player he is, how in control and manly. If he were a peacock he’d be spreading his tail feathers. He is, in short, showing off. Which, knowing this was Fake Koch not a real Koch, is sorta pathetic.

Anyway, it’s clear David Koch is the Republican Party’s new king maker. That’s just obvious from the conversation, from Walker’s conversation. Fake Koch barely says two words and Walker is tripping over himself doing the “how do you like me now!” song and dance.

And here’s my question: Who the hell is David Koch’s “guy on the ground” in Madison? Hello? Hello news media, the fact that Koch Industries has “a guy on the ground” should sorta tell you everything you need to know about the Tea Party!

Anyway, here’s some more transcript:

FAKE KOCH: Goddamn right! We sent Andrew Breitbart down there.



WALKER: Good stuff!

FAKE KOCH: He’s our man, y’know.

WALKER: Well it has been amazing to me the massive amount of attention .. I’ve done all, you know — every day I do a 5 o’clock press conference, tonight I’m actually doing a fireside chat which the state TV stations are gonna tape but I guess a bunch of the national ones are too, and um in the last couple of days when I do the TV shows I’ve been going after Obama, ‘cuz he stuck his — although he’s backed off now — but he stuck his nose in here and I said — they asked me what I thought and I said, “Y’know, last time I checked, this guy’s got a much bigger budget deficit than we do, maybe he should worry about that!

FAKE KOCH: (laughs)

WALKER: … and not stick his nose in Wisconsin business, right?. We’ve had all the national shows, we were on Hannity last night, I did Good Morning America, The Today Show and all that sort of stuff, was on Morning Joe this morning, we’ve done Greta, we’re going to keep getting our message out, Mark Levine last night. And I gotta tell ya, the response from around the country has been phenomenal. I had Brian the new governor over in Nevada call me last night, said he was out on the Lincoln Day circuit in the last two weekends and he was kidding me — he’s new as well as me — he said, “Scott don’t come to Nevada, cuz I’d be afraid you’d beat me running for the governor.”

FAKE KOCH: (Laughs)

WALKER: That’s all they want to talk about is, what are you doing to help the governor of Wisconsin? The next question is, I talk to Kasich every day, and John’s gonna stand firm in Ohio, I think we do the same thing with Rick Scott in Florida. I think Snyder if he got a little more support probably could do that in Michigan, when you start going down the list, there’s a lot of us new governors that got elected to do something big.

FAKE KOCH: You’re the first domino!

WALKER: Yup! This is our moment.

FAKE KOCH: Now what else can we do for you down there?

Walker: Well the biggest thing would be, and your guy on the ground is probably seeing this, is the, well two things: one, our members, originally kinda got freaked out by all the bodies down here, although I told them an interesting story about when I was first elected county executive in Milwaukee of all places….

Actually, the story was really boring about how when he was a county executive and pissed off the unions, everyone totally loved him at a Veteran’s Day parade except one guy who gave him the finger. It was another piece of arrogance and ego on display, showing off to the guy who is clearly Very Important. Later in the conversation Walker compares what he’s doing to Ronald Reagan firing the air traffic controllers, and how he sees that as the first chink in the Berlin Wall because the Communists were put on notice that Reagan “wouldn’t be pushed around.”

So this is all very interesting … very interesting indeed.


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31 responses to “>Crank, Prank or Pwn? It’s Real! Walker Punk’d

  1. Jim

    >"What. An. Asshole."Yeah wanting the elected representatives of the people to show up and do their job… how could he be such an asshole?

  2. >And Jim, as usual, shows how completely uneducated he is on yet another issue.

  3. Jim

    >Go on and educate me SB. Have the Democratic senators left the state to block a perfectly legal vote from happening? Is there a legitamite reason they cannot make their way to the capitol to perform their elected duties? I would understand if say the roads were blocked by all the global warming snow and they needed a few days to get there, but that is not the case is it? I understand that you do not agree with the likely outcome of the vote, but it is what the majority of the people of Wisconsin voted for by electing the people that are in place. If it is so unpopular, then I am sure the Democratic surge at the next election will reverse course and change it.Lets face it, if the Republicans pulled a stunt like this you would be calling them cowards and much worse.

  4. >Fuck off, Jim. You know damn well if the roles were reversed and it was Republicans showing their spine to a Democratic president you and the rest of the Teanuts would be CHEERING. This shit is always OK when it's a Republican.Walker is trying to trick Democrats, he says so in the tape. He has no interest in hearing what they have to say. He doesn't want to "talk." He'll lure them back to the capital with a promise of "talk" so Republicans can declare a quorum and shove a deeply unpopular and controversial piece of legislation which has drawn the ire of not just Wisconsin workers but the entire nation down everyones'' throats.Yeah I call that being an asshole.

  5. >The Democratic Senators are blocking undemocratic actions by an authoritarian Governor. They are insisting that the voices of their constituents be heard and respected.So yes, they ARE doing their jobs.

  6. >Makes me wonder if Jim lives in Wisconsin. I do, and I have watched Walker cripple Milwaukee County for years; I can confirm that he is, indeed, an asshole.A stupid asshole, in fact. As demonstrated by the phone call. Eagerly sitting up and begging for treats from his corporate Master, like a barely-bright lapdog.

  7. >Jim, you've greatly missed the opportunity to convince us all that this was a highly Breitbartian manuver of falsity and trick editing.

  8. >Jim claims to live in Memphis but his ISP always shows up here as Taylors, South Carolina. Who knows, maybe he's one of Sarah Palin's sockpuppets.

  9. >in either case, simply defending Imperial Walker out of tribalism, not knowledge.

  10. >Why hasn't he been forced to resign yet? Shouldn't someone fire him? Impeach? When Breitbart "gets" someone, they are gone. Why hasn't someone called this asshole and told him that he might as well step down? Doesn't everyone know that this fight in Wisconsin is for all of us who work or have a retirement plan (401K, too)? This isn't about public workers or unions; it will affect all of us..

  11. >Walker was popular with the white flight suburbanites during his tenure as County executive, because he used the Tommy Thompson "stick it to 'em" model of punishing the poor and disenfranchised.His "popularity" was based on transparent racism that made white bigots feel better about themselves.

  12. >Also, the picture of Walker used to illustrate those phone calls is …pretty accurate, really. It makes him look like a doofus.

  13. >ZombieRottenMcDonald, you pretty much described our governor, John Kasich. Every time he opens his mouth I think that he makes George Bush sound like Einstein.

  14. >Someone ought to give you a medal for the yeoman's work you've been doing on this and related stuff. Thank you for fighting the forces of Stupid and Evil.

  15. D.

    >I've linked to this and quoted a sizable chunk and called you Mighty.Really, entirely aside from everything else, this guy Walker is a disgrace to the history of Wisconsin Republicans, who were Progressives (I except Sen. McCarthy for obvious reasons).

  16. D.

    >Platform of Progressive Party in 1912, some of which still looks good, some of which has been tried, and some of which turns out to stink in real life.Republicans. Really.The current bunch are not fit to lick Progressives' boots. Brought to you by "Those People Don't Know Their History!"

  17. >That explains everything! Governor Walker snorts Koch.

  18. TDC

    >Southern Beale wrote in part "it appears Gov. Walker may be in some ethics trouble himself." Unless the phone conversation was legally taped, there is no evidence for a formal, legal ethics investigation. It doesn't mean that Walker isn't a 1 term governor, but its very, unlikely he'll be impeached, or resign over a entrapment style phone call. Relative to the MIA Wi Senators… For the last 2 years I have read a lot of 'dem criticism of the GOP Senators for delaying legislation. Are legal delaying tactics by the political minority now acceptable in general? I don't agree with the Wi Senators actions, but admire the ability to exploit a rule to their advantage.

  19. >TDC:Really. You want to equate what the WI dems are doing, trying to protect public employees from having their job security agreements abrogated by a hostile GOP majority with what? the Healthcare legislation that was stomewalled by the ScrotalPatriotiKKK merKKKins who've taken over the GOP? Are you that stupid? Really, are you that stupid?

  20. >It doesn't mean that Walker isn't a 1 term governor, but its very, unlikely he'll be impeached, or resign over a entrapment style phone call.Tell it to Shirley Sherrod. Or the ACORN employee. Or Planned Parenthood.

  21. >Speaking as a Wisconsinite, the talk of recall and/or impeachment is rising.Impeachment is very unlikely, not because of TDC's specious reasoning, but because WI-Lege is dominated by Republicans, who will toe the Kock line.Recall can't happen for a while, but critical embarrassment? Always in season.

  22. Jim

    >You have all made arguements for why you don't think this bill should pass, but nobody is explaining why it is ok to simply avoid a vote by not showing up. Is this really how you want the country to work form here on out? Assuming neither party lands a super majority to meet quorom requirements in both houses, are you ready for one party to simply not show up if they don't like the business to be discussed that day?And yes, if this were Republicans pulling this crap I would be pissed too. You didn't see them doing that during the Obamacare proceedings. They worked within the established rules of the Congress to block legislation that they were against. If they had simply got up and left would you be hailing them as courageous? I kind of doubt it.

  23. >I guess Jim doesn't view Tea Bag Republican legislation as extremist. That's really sad but not surprising.

  24. >Jim, I said: It's OK because the Quorum requirement is written into the Wisconsin Constitution.Walker is the one using loopholes to jam a heinous, unnecessary budget bill through teh Lege with little review and no public input. One which includes all kind of horrible goodies, especially for his Master, David Kock.Have no illusions that if not showing up could grind the gears of Congress to a halt, Republicans would have done that too.I trust you will be just as concerned next week when Republicans shut down the Federal Government in fit of pique.

  25. >what i find fascinating is Walkers obvious glam-loving emphasis on all the national media figures who have come or talked about WI. this guy sounds more like a D-Lister trying to get his own prime time talk show than a politician thinking about governing. it's actually a critique of dems i make, as well as of thugs like Walker: they don't care about the real world, only "how will this look on TV?" it sickens me. i've been informed that many, many executive and legislative office holders keep the TV on all the time in their offices, with staffers assigned to watch if they themselves are not. i'm so sick and tired of politics as performance being more important than politics as accomplishing the tasks of government as it applies to all the people. this is only one reason why i hate TV so, and is depresses me to realize that while liar scumbags like Walker 'get it' when it comes to the media game, most dems don't. which is to say, many dems seem completely ignorant of the fact that the TV shows they care about "looking good" on are owned and directed by guys just like Koch. idiots.

  26. TDC

    >Democommie wrote in part "Really. You want to equate what the WI dems are doing, trying to protect public employees from having their job security agreements abrogated by a hostile GOP majority with what? the Healthcare legislation that was stomewalled by the ScrotalPatriotiKKK merKKKins who've taken over the GOP? Are you that stupid? Really, are you that stupid?" *yawn* Is that all you have? Really that's your best shot? In the Senate the GOP used the rules to delay passage of legislation they opposed. In Wisconsin, the 'dems are using the rules to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING. If you believe in situational ethics feel free to attack the GOP and give the 'dems a free pass. Politics is a nasty, full contact sport at times. I don't support the Wi 'dem Senators leaving the state, but I admire their cleverness in working the rules to their advantage.

  27. >Unless the phone conversation was legally taped, there is no evidence for a formal, legal ethics investigation.Out of curiosity, I did a little Goofling. It seems that WI is what is known as a "one party state" as regards recording phone conversations. What this means is that a recorded or intercepted conversation can be legally recorded if one of the parties agrees.What THAT means, my fine reactionary authoritarian apologist friends, is that the Walker tapes were made legally.There are stricter rules for use as evidence in the civil courts, but that wouldn't really apply here.disclaimer: IANAL, but just did some poking around on the interwebs.

  28. >In the Senate the GOP used the rules to delay passage of legislation they opposed.and then, once it was passed, tried to take credit for it when it benefited their districts; in the case of ARRA.Or, in the case of ACA, legislation they supported a few years previously.It's not the tactics we are decrying here, but the positions. GOP opposes any legislation that will benefit someone other than rich GOP donors. I will admit, it is a consistent position.Also funny, if OT: apparently one of the newly elected House Teabaggers has voted 'present' all 56 times he has voted. Nice work if you can get it. Talk about not doing your job.

  29. >TDC:"Yawn"? Well that's sort of a typical reaction from a scrotalpatriotiKKK type like yourself–when something pretty shitty is being done by their side. The GOP, which has apparently devolved into the "Know Nothing Party 2.0" is made up of a bunch of whining, pissed off and frightened KKKristianist KKKlowns, racists and people who want everything they DESERVE in the way of government services without having to pay for it or pay attention to laws they don't like. Grow the fuck up.

  30. TDC

    >Democommie wrote in part "Grow the fuck up." I would recommend you use your last lifeline and buy a clue. The 'dems aren't always right, the GOP aren't always wrong. (and vice versa) Prattling on with ample partisan hyperbole does not make your arguments any more convincing.

  31. >TDC:Your lukewarm:"The 'dems aren't always right, the GOP aren't always wrong. (and vice versa)"is supposed to be a newsflash for me. Sorry, I'm not a democrat. I'm an independent. The GOP has been commandeered by the KKKristianist jackals who sniffed the ripeness of its bloated corpse after the Palin/McStain debacle. I'm guessing you'll tell me next that you're no longer, or never were, a republican but are instead a "libertarian". Libertarians are those republicans who don't want to be associated with the dirty work but are quite happy (and delusional in that happiness) to reap their ill-gotten gains.Walker is a scumbag, anyone who defends that style of "governancee" is a scumbag as well.You and our old "pal", Jim, sound like you could be soulmates if it wasn't for the right's antipathy for gays–at least in public.