>Republican Math, 2.0

>Here’s some Tennessee hippie-punching:

GOP Looks To Drop ‘Labor’ From Committee Name

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Republicans in the Tennessee Senate want to drop “labor” from the name of the committee that handles commerce and employment issues.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris of Collierville said Thursday that it’s in the interest of brevity that he has proposed excising the term from the Senate Commerce, Labor and Agriculture Committee.

Removing the five-letter word instead of the eight or 11 letter word for the sake of brevity? Hilarious.

Okay, to be fair, Tennessee Republicans also want to ditch “Conservation” and “Tourism” from the panel on Environment, Conservation and Tourism and add “Energy” and “Committee.” So they’d be changing a 37 character committee name to a 32 character committee name. Or something.

Yes this is truly a pressing issue for the people of Tennessee right now. The length of our committee names. Praise Jesus Tennessee Republicans are in office to right these grievous wrongs that have gone unchecked for so many administrations.

Or something.

Hey guys, we get it. You really, really hate us. You want to wipe us off the map. You want to erase our very existence. Guess what. We aren’t going anywhere. Suck on that, asshole.


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4 responses to “>Republican Math, 2.0

  1. >What a waste of energy, focus and time. And yes, money. What happend to too much government waste in spending? And jobs?

  2. >Why not just call it the "Fuck The Worker" committee?

  3. >If they really care about brevity – change the state name to "10aC" to help with the critical shortage of "e"s.

  4. >Funny you should mention that, I've seen old bottles and other items in antique stores labeled "10C" to indicate where they were made.