>Because Our Other Wars Are Going So Well

>I can’t pretend to speak knowledgeably about what’s happening in Libya right now. I just know when I hear we’re dropping milion-dollar bombs on a poor country while our infrastructure crumbles and we tell teachers and kids they must sacrifice so we can give millionaires tax cuts… well, something has gone horribly wrong.

I know lots of liberals on The Twittah say this is the right thing to do. I heard Howard Dean on Thom Hartmann’s show last week say we couldn’t sit by and let those fighting for democracy get slaughtered by Qaddafi. But of course we are standing by while those fighting for democracy in Yemen and Bahrain are slaughtered by their regimes, so there goes that claim.

All of this just seems so media-created. It’s hard not to watch the breathless coverage of bombs bursting in air and the ghastly-green night-vision images and not remember the media’s wicked stiffy for carnage in Iraq. It’s a sickness, and I don’t have the cure.

One of the best things I’ve read on Libya is at Pastor Shuck’s place. This is yet another oil war, he says, another burp after our global petroleum feast. The pantry is about empty but instead of using what time and resources we have left to grow new food, we decide to bully anyone else who comes near the pantry door.

This, in the same week that Japan suffers a nuclear meltdown, while a 100-mile long oil slick has been spotted in the Gulf of Mexico near the site of the Deepwater Horizon rig. Oh great diviner Pat Robertson, what could the Almighty be trying to tell us? Pray tell, what?

I’m just tired of it, I really am. Is our default solution for every problem to drop bombs? (And by “our” I mean the West, not just America.) Call me a tree-hugging DFH spouting crazy liberal stuff like “war is not the answer,” I’m just feeling like we’re in a tailspin and I’d rather we devote our energy to getting off the oil tit. Three trillion dollars wasted in Iraq would have been more than enough money to put a solar panel on every roof in America, upgrade the electrical grid, and put an electric car and charger in every garage.

I mean, I know that’s not the final answer but it would have been a start, and for crying out loud we have to start somewhere. Maybe someday we’ll have the hydrogen fuel cell thing figured out, or we’ll be masters of efficiency, hell maybe we’ll have figured out a way around the Laws of Thermodynamics. The point is, we don’t need to have the entire puzzle figured out to start putting the first pieces together.

We have to start somewhere. We have to make those first steps. Fighting wars to preserve a dying industry and a doomed way of life just strikes me as the kind of thing kids will read about 100 years from now and wonder, “Gee how could they have been so stupid?”


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5 responses to “>Because Our Other Wars Are Going So Well

  1. >You have voiced my own thoughts. Pretty much up until right fucking now, I was still fairly happy that Barack Obama was our president. I had confidence in his judgment and abilities.If a thirty cent jump in the price of gas is enough to start another damn war, something is seriously flawed in his thinking. Couldn't we just sit this one out? Team America, World Police! I was a die-hard Obama man. Those would have to be some pretty smart bombs to save more lives than they destroy. I'm sure the brass doesn't want fighting wars to become a dying industry either.

  2. >You make some good points and I feel pretty much the same way.. The indicator that we can look at is in the two countries that we have already put troops and war machines in for our righteous cause. And, there is plenty of reading material available for us to see how those wars are making life better for the citizens of those countries… I read one just last week about the working families that have even their young children slaving for the brick making businesses man who virtually owns them.. and American contractors are using these very bricks for the projects in that country. I wonder when we will get around to setting things right.. We all wanted to invade and kill the people responsible for 911, but now we don't seem to care that we are perpetuating the suffering of the people in that country and we are not going to help Libya either; even if our motives are oh so pure and righteous. This is likely to backfire on on the US and hurt all of us. I don't see why we need to jump in. If all that is needed is a little push, then the other members of the UN can handle it and if it it requires more than they can handle then we can't afford to get involved. I heard somewhere that we are broke…

  3. >Great post SoBeale and great catch on the oil slick. I read news for hours a day and hadn't seen a word about it. Corporatocracy won't be happy until they've completely destroyed this planet. Infuriating and heartbreaking…

  4. >I get tired of the continual wars. I'm also tired of the UN sending in troops and those troops consist of 90% US military, 12 British, 5 Frenchman and a Dane. We're in 1984. Are we at war with Eurasia or Eastasia?

  5. >Thanks for the link and for the good words!