>Something’s Fishy In Wisconsin


Scout at First Draft has this quote from Gov. Walker on Wednesday:

“As long as the rules are clear, as long as there aren’t ballots somehow found out of the blue that weren’t counted before, things of that nature, as long as everything’s above board, I think that’s fair,” said Walker.

Yes, out of the blue. Out of the red is a different story, isn’t it? Because always, always, always IOKIYAR.


Nobody could have anticipated! Really!

In a stunning turnaround, the county clerk for Waukesha County, a heavily Republican district in southeast Wisconsin, announced on Thursday evening that she’d failed to count more than 14,000 votes cast in Tuesday’s state Supreme Court election. The error, disclosed by a former state GOP lawmaker who’s been criticized for her handling of local elections, handed conservative incumbent David Prosser a lead of 7,582 votes, flipping the result of the race after an initial tally put liberal JoAnne Kloppenburg ahead by a mere 204 votes.

The Waukesha clerk, Kathy Nickolaus, a Republican, said in a press conference that the new votes, all of which were cast in the city of Brookfield, were missed because of human error that’s “common in this process.” Nickolaus apologized for the mistake, saying, “The purpose of the canvas is to catch these kind of mistakes.”

This isn’t the first time Nickolaus’ role in overseeing elections in Waukesha has been engulfed in controversy. In 2010, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that she bucked the traditional election results system in Wisconsin and instead kept the county’s election results on “stand-alone personal computers accessible only in her office.” Nickolaus cited security reasons for her unorthodox method.

Well isn’t that convenient! Nothing to see here, folks … move along. But I’m sure there were hundreds of people named Mickey Mouse and Snow White voting on election day, right? RIGHT? Because we all know voter fraud is just something those dirty ACORN libs do.


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12 responses to “>Something’s Fishy In Wisconsin

  1. >well, of course. This is how the Establishment works.

  2. >I would also like to announce that due to 'clerical errors' Milwaukee County has 12 thousand more votes for Kloppenberg.


  4. >I really doesn't matter.WASF!JzB

  5. >Hey, this sort of thing worked to rob Don Seigelmann so why wouldn't it work again?To be fair – maybe this is merely a case of incompetence, not crookedness. The big question is whether there's an audit trail.

  6. >Kloppenberg remains within the .5% recount range. She has made an Open Records request for the new votes.Also, Waukesha uses paper ballots, so at least there's a paper trail, no electronic voting abracadabra.Since I predicted the Waukesha Magic Ballots, here's another prediction:Midway through the recount, Walker summarily shuts it down at a point when Prosser leads. It worked in Florida, why not here?

  7. >maybe this is merely a case of incompetence, not crookedness."Maybe"? The votes were discovered on her personal computer.WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA???Because crap like this keeps happening.

  8. >The big question is whether there's an audit trail.There is no audit trail. She says she "forgot" to save the spreadsheet.Woopsies! Oh well. Hey, didjah hear about those ACORN pimps?

  9. >Is the FEC going to get involved in this or do they only deal with national elections?

  10. >Demo:I'm not really sure but I would imagine this would be a DoJ thing not an FEC thing.

  11. >Given the circumstances, I think the State should pay for a recount anyway.Given the Governor, I doubt this will happen.