>This 50 Year Old Thinks Paul Ryan’s Plan Stinks

>Okay, I’m not 50 yet but I will be, sooner than I’d like to admit: this year in fact. And it just so happens people like me are the ones who will feel the brunt of Paul Ryan’s sucky plan. Thanks for the generational warfare, asshole.

I thought Jon Stewart had the perfect takedown of Paul Ryan:


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  1. >I had the same thoughts. Once they repeal "Obamacare", I will be unable to buy insurance when I'm retired because odds are I'll get sick and then there will be no Medicare…What was all that Republican yelling about death panels?

  2. >Okay, I'm not 50 yet but I will be, sooner than I'd like to admit: this year in fact.This 51 year-old agrees with you about Ryan's plan, young lady.~

  3. >So how would you suggest we fix the budget? Continuing to borrow ourselves into oblivion will not work. Increasing taxes to 'generate additional revenue' will only push us into a full blown depression, and might permanently tank our economy.Fact is that only reduction in spending will absolutely work – in the short term and long term. So what would you cut?

  4. >this 50 year old thinks Paul Ryan stinks.Also his hair is stupid. And his ears stick out. He looks like Eddie Munster. Except Eddie Munster was kind of cool.

  5. >We can't cut our way out of this debt. That's ridiculous fantasy thinking. I have zero problem repealing the Bush tax cuts, which were never paid for and only passed because they told the fiscal hawks they had a sunset provision built in. But we all knew everyone would be too chicken shit to stick with it. And hell yeah I'd raise taxes. There's no reason the top 2% pay so little in taxes. Let's roll taxes back to where they were under Reagan. And let's increase corporate taxes. Exxon and GE shouldn't get a free ride at the expense of the poor and elderly.And I'd cut defense spending, radically. We're spending trillions on war which again was never paid for or budgeted. I have no fucking clue why we're in Afghanistan or Iraq. Bring the troops home tomorrow, save hundreds of billions of $.Let's trim the military and turn our swords into plowshares. What, are we scared Canada is going to invade? We spend three times more on defense than ANY other nation on the planet. What the hell for? When the cost of maintaining your empire comes at the expense of your own people then fuck the empire. Every empire in human history has found this to be true.

  6. >last night, Jon Stewart showed charts indicating that DOING NOTHING, simply letting the Bush tax cuts expire on schedule, reduce the deficit just as well as Ryan's insane, destructive, hateful fantasy.Wow. Imagine if Obama hadn't extended them. I might be fully employed by now.

  7. >Increasing taxes to 'generate additional revenue' will only push us into a full blown depression,No. It won't. This is a falsehood, promulgated by greedy assholes.Fixing the economy (and reducing the deficit, although Republicans actions on this are contradictory and point out just how little they actually care about the deficit outside of using it to pry their way into electoral success)1. Let Stupid Bush Tax Cuts expire already. Admittedly, some of that income will need to pay for public access to hearing protection to avoid damage from all the whining that will come from teh MasterS Of The Universe and other Galtian Overlords.2. Stop the fucking military Imperial adventurism. Reduce military expenditures accordingly.But SoBe already said this.

  8. >amen! & amen!"And hell yeah I'd raise taxes….""And I'd cut defense spending, radically."

  9. >And I really would suggest the reason we have a budget problem is because of healthcare costs. AKA: It's The Healthcare Costs, StupidAmericans pay more for their healthcare than any other developed nation in the world and we don't have better quality to show for it. What we do have is an "industry" known as private, for-profit health insurance which pays its CEOs $13.5 million a year while Republicans like Paul Ryan want to throw me off Medicare when I come of age so I can give my hard earned money to these assholes. The private for-profit health insurance system is one of the biggest frauds in this country. No one else does it the way we do it. Health insurance as it exists everywhere else in the world is highly regulated and not for profit. I'm all for killing off the insurance companies. They serve no purpose but to make themselves wealthy. If I were queen we'd have a robust single payer system and those who want to augment that with private insurance can do so but those insurance companies would have to be highly regulated.

  10. >So they moved the cut-off date up ten years since Bush tried to privatize SS? Now every bona fide baby boomer is safe. Haven't the rest of us been paying Medicare and SS on every single paycheck we ever earned since we were sixteen? That's thirty-five years for me. Do they really think that baby boomers are that heartless that they would support this insanity just because it didn't affect them? Fifty is kind of a cool milestone. I used to claim it a couple of months early as well. Just like a kid who is almost six! As far as unbridled intelligence, energy and an extremely dexterous central nervous system, my forty-second year shall surely be unrivalled for the rest of my short sweet life. But, believe me, it's not that bad at all. In fact it's a gas.

  11. >…I'm now $1600 in the hole for an ER visit to fix a gash in the back of my head from falling out of the shower….I get $1000/month in extended UI benefits, at least until August or so, of which I only get $900 because of federal withholding (since we can't have people not paying their fair share, now can we?). I figured up my monthly expenditures at around $893/month, provided nothing goes to hell on me (see above)…No insurance. Declined COBRA when I was laid off in November 2009 because it was going to end up leaving me without enough to live on (and that was when I was still getting the extra $100/month from the govt. during the "crisis")……And people wonder why I'm such a fucking grouch all the time…

  12. >Sorry to hear about it, Mortimer. Just remember: in the minds of the GOP you brought this all on yourself. It's ALL YOUR FAULT.

  13. >Quote: "Just remember: in the minds of the GOP you brought this all on yourself. It's ALL YOUR FAULT."…I live in Kansas. 'Nuff said. 🙂

  14. >I'd like to say a few words about the attempt to set off intergenerational warfare.In the first place, it's just cover, for the one percenters hiding behind the curtain. First they cut the older voters out of the herd and promise to spare them from the blood letting. Then they sick the young on them. Lovely. The fondest hope of the Righties is to push older voters into a defensive stance where they can be hornswaggled into voting for self-immolation. We are one people. Let's not forget that.As Southern Beale has already pointed out, the whole 'cost-of-health-care' specter is a fraud. How is it that every other wealthy country has been able to make this work, but we can't? Can't or won't? Without the bloody shirt of health care spending the whole deficit scare collapses into nothing. How inconvenient would that be for the overlords?Finally, I'd like to make some observations about voting patterns and age. I turned sixty last year. I'm not all that noble, but I take no comfort in the notion that Medicare will work for me, but not for most of the rest of you. If we can all be counted on to vote for our own individual self-interest, as a people, we can expect that we will always lose this game. We will be worked. Forty years ago it seemed possible that my generation could help make the world a better place. Well, we were idiots, but that is beside the point. Our voting patterns were consistently progressive, but we could never get the turnout to get anything done. Sound familiar? Now we vote like bridge trolls, but we turn out. What happened? How did we change so much for the worse? I don't think we did. We're just the same as we ever were, but now the bridge trolls vote. If you want to move the country forward, work on you age peers. There's not much point in fighting with fossils.