Who Thinks Like This?


Just looking at the comments I’m … well, stunned. I simply don’t understand people whose default position seems to be a fear that all of our nation’s problems will be solved by calling in the law. Aren’t you people the ones telling us the free hand of the market solves everything? Why do you assume the American people will call in the National Guard to fix every problem like, for example, a shortage of rural doctors? Why wouldn’t your default position be that we’d reach for market-based solutions and incentives (which is what we’ve done?) Or perhaps reach for other government solutions, such as funding doctor recruitment programs at the National Health Services Corps? I mean, it’s like your worldview is so narrow, you can only imagine the government as having a narrow police state enforcement function.

Again: what the fuck is wrong with you people?


The headline says it all: Health Insurers Making Record Profits as Many Postpone Care. Yes Libertarians, please run on how health care is not a “right” and health insurance is completely necessary.


Rand Paul is a nutwagon. Via Digby, who transcribed his rant equating healthcare with slavery:

With regard to the idea of whether you have a right to health care, you have realize what that implies. It’s not an abstraction. I’m a physician. That means you have a right to come to my house and conscript me. It means you believe in slavery. It means that you’re going to enslave not only me, but the janitor at my hospital, the person who cleans my office, the assistants who work in my office, the nurses.

Basically, once you imply a belief in a right to someone’s services — do you have a right to plumbing? Do you have a right to water? Do you have right to food? — you’re basically saying you believe in slavery.

I’m a physician in your community and you say you have a right to health care. You have a right to beat down my door with the police, escort me away and force me to take care of you? That’s ultimately what the right to free health care would be.

Oh my God. Who thinks like this? Is he fucking nuts or what? No one is saying this at all. Free healthcare? Where? Where does he get this shit, from Aqua Buddha? Has someone been hitting the bong a little too hard lately?

What Rand Paul is really saying is: if you think you have a RIGHT to healthcare, that means you will FORCE ME TO TREAT YOU. You will HUNT ME DOWN and force me to be your monkey and give you glasses.

And trust me, I would not go near that guy, not if he were the last breathing optometrist or ophthalmologist or whatever the fuck brand of medicine it is he allegedly practices because swear to God the guy is crazy and I don’t want crazy treating me for anything. Dude you are the last physician I’d want touching me, I promise you. So put down the crack pipe, dude, and chillax. No one is forcing you to do anything.

Who the hell thinks this way?

You know what my problem with Libertarians is? They’re a bunch of whiny babies. Whaaaah! Because someone, somewhere, feels they should be allowed to access our healthcare system at the same fair price as everyone else without some insurance company flunky telling them they can’t, suddenly it’s all about Rand Paul being oppressed! His freedom has been infringed upon and the jackbooted liberal thugs are gonna come and force him to give people glasses.

Grow the fuck up, already. People are dying because of assholes like you, folks who harp on about your precious freedoms, like the freedom not to treat someone (anyone in particular, perhaps? Hey, based on your past comments about the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it’s a fair question.) Why dream up crazy-assed scenarios like the police breaking down your door forcing you to treat someone? What the hell is wrong with you? People are dying, do you even get that? That’s not an abstraction either, that’s called reality. If you don’t want to do your job, fuck off, we’ll find someone else who can. You’re not the last physician on earth.

Get over your damn self. Jerk.

Here’s the video:


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  1. >Freedom is what this boils down to. In man's early days groups lived together in cities or even forts with walls. If you felt constricted by the protection of living in a community with walls… you faced extremely low odds of survival and went at it alone. In the same way, we all used each other's various skills in one way or the other. The blacksmith or the young men with fighting skills were used because in many societies or economies people, over the years, have had little choice about whether they worked or in what they did for work. To one degree or the other all of us are slaves and we have little freedom… You see we are stuck in this life on this planet with a bunch of whiney asses that don't want to chip in and do their part. Just because Rand gets paid in money instead of a bed and shack, doesn't mean he isn't a slave, if he wants to eat and drive a car and enjoy his Iphone.. So many think that its too oppressive to have a federal government making laws that all of the states should live by. But, Texans thought it was just fine for the US military to step in and fight Mexico. Arizona standing alone could not defend itself against an invasion nor could Alaska or Hawaii, but being part of the union is just so limiting to the freedom to oppress your people like you should.. We all gain by being united in this big country with the world's biggest economy and military, but there are restrictions and obligations for each citizen. We have to have rules of conduct and it requires a little allegiance to the union. If the libertarians get their way, we all will be slaves in the classical sense of the word. People will work and shop at the company store for a life time contract of owing the company and their children will be part of the debt accrued or contract and their children will be trapped in the same deal. In never ending slavery, so we could be free from any social contracts or government.

  2. >It may be good policy for the government to buy us certain things, but it is not a right–those are separate issues. Rights are almost always 'leave me alone'. If health care is a 'right', what happens if we come to a point where existing tax money won't pay what doctors want? Somebody will get forced to do something they don't want to.

  3. >If health care is a 'right', what happens if we come to a point where existing tax money won't pay what doctors want? Somebody will get forced to do something they don't want to.That is ludicrous.Of course healthcare is a right. If you can't access healthcare then you have no life, liberty, or ability to pursue happiness. No one is talking about FREE no one is talking about the government buying anything. We're talking about setting policy to keep abusive practices from denying people ACCESS. Crazy fucking Libertoonians.

  4. >What a clown. I wonder if the people of Kentucky have buyer's remorse or if they hail him as the new voice of reason.Why does that lady behind him look so sad? She reminds me of my 1962 teddy bear, Beary, moping and pouting and wishing he was a real live bear cub. I don't blame her. I'd be crying my eyes out if I had to hang out with Rand.

  5. >Somebody will get forced to do something they don't want to.Sev – this is called civilization. Think of that word as a verb.Living in concert with other people ALWAYS involves compromise. Traffic laws force you to drive slower than you want, stop when you want to go, and stay straight when you want to turn.They also save lives. Is that a good trade off?Further, I can tell you from personal experience that playing a G against a D Major Chord does nothing for group harmony, no matter how much I feel like playing a G. (Or misread the part.)Beale – There are many problems with Libertarians. I think the most fundamental is that they do not believe in the concept of a commons. To them, everything has to belong to somebody specific, and property rights are the basis for all other freedoms. In short, Libertarians, deep in their stony, grinchy hearts, do not believe in civilization.JzB

  6. >Just so we're clear, everyone: let's just realize what is happening here. Libertarians are now on record as saying some people do not deserve medical care. Some people — which ones? Black ones? Old ones? The mentally retarded? The Down's Syndrome? The poor? The widow? The single mom? The guy newly released from prison who can't find a job? — these people are not entitled to see a doctor.If you can't pay the exorbitant price that WellPoint's Angela Braly, who earns $12 million A YEAR, decides to charge for her private, for-profit health insurance product — they do not deserve to get treatment for that racing heart, or lump in the breast, or blinding headache, or broken bone, or fever, or cough, you name it. And what does this insurance product add to our healthcare? NOTHING absolutely ZERO, all it does is skim profits off the system and funnel them into the pockets of Angela Braly and her ilk.And this is the private, for-profit system that Rand Paul and his Libertoonian crazies say is the best system in the world, and any attempt to reform it at all is akin to slavery.Remember this, people. Please run on this issue, Libertarians. Eat it. Choke on it.

  7. >It depends on what you mean by healthcare as a right. I would agree that it should be as much of a right as the right to keep and bear arms. Even I don't think the second amendment means that the government is required to provide guns to the needy–rather, the government shouldn't be able to block access to care, but it is up to the individual to acquire the care. The right to be provided with goods or services cannot happen without an obligation on someone to provide those services, involuntarily if necessary. What happens when there aren't enough competent doctors or specialists wiling to work in Armpit, Mississippi? Who has violated the right to medical care of the Armpit residents?If nobody can be held accountable for violating a right, then it is completely pointless to call it a right.

  8. >Southern Beale:"Just so we're clear, everyone: let's just realize what is happening here. Libertarians are now on record as saying some people do not deserve medical care. Some people — which ones? Black ones? Old ones? The mentally retarded? The Down's Syndrome? The poor? The widow? The single mom? The guy newly released from prison who can't find a job? — these people are not entitled to see a doctor."Well, that's a start! Rand Paul and his daddy are both racist p.o.s.'s who seem to have successfully hoodwinked the people who can vote them into office and a significant number of the same indignorant fuckwads (or their offspring) who were former Perotistas.

  9. >What happens when there aren't enough competent doctors or specialists wiling to work in Armpit, Mississippi?We've been through this situation already, though. The drought of rural doctors is nothing new. Remember that TV show "Northern Exposure"? About a town in Armpit Alaska that needed a doctor so they paid a doctor's medical school bills if they'd practice in their town for 5 years? There were no jackbooted liberal thugs forcing doctors at gunpoint to treat anyone. Again, WHO THE FUCK THINKS LIKE THIS??!!! Libertarians, always living in some crazy assed fantasyland. If it's not the fairy tale of Atlas Shrugged its the dystopia of Mad Max.GROW. THE. FUCK. UP.

  10. >Q. Why did the Libertarian cross the road? A. To start his own country.

  11. >Just promise to pay the ridiculous college bill to get through college; lots of in-debt college grads beyond the internship will jump at working in Armpit .. not all of them can make it in the new cosmetic surgery fads. The movie; "Seducing Doctor Lewis" comes to mind..We need doctors and they should make a comfortable living after paying for college or investing in their career. The problem is that being a doctor is more than money or it should be..

  12. >You are basing your politics on a TV show and telling me to grow the fuck up,in the same breath? Wow. In the real world, we don't have scriptwriters.

  13. >No I'm not basing my politics on a TV show thought I can see how you might think I was. I'm saying the issue with rural doctors was so pervasive back then that it was even used as a premise for a TV show.The point is, hundreds of articles were written on the problem of finding qualified doctors to work in rural areas back in the 80s and 90s, and communities worked it out, they figured it out. No one's first reaction was to bring in the cops and national guard and force people to do something. That's so insane WHO THE FUCK THINKS LIKE THAT?There is seriously something mentally wrong with conservatives.You know, we had a problem with finding enough nurses back in the 80s too, and we figured it out. The problem now is finding enough GPs, everyone has gone into some kind of specialty practice. I really don't think we'll need to call in the armed guards, we'll figure it out.You know, Libertarians seem to have an awful lot of mistrust in their great and glorious free hand of the market they're always telling us about. CHILL THE FUCK OUT. I don't get you people you're nuts. Take a Prozak or something.

  14. >The gummint seems to be able to make conservatives happy by having a large military with a huge budget. Why not apply the same thinking to things like rebuilding transportation infrastructure, assuring a supply of well-trained, adequately compensated physicians or alleviating other national problems? Oh, that's right, that would be commonistical.

  15. >Democommie:That link I just posted in my update talks about one of the biggest issues facing rural doctors being the lack of internet infrastructure. Doctors in rural areas can't use a lot of the tools that urban and suburban doctors have because the internet infrastructure is not there.I suppose we could have some kind of program to build up the infrastructure we need to allow doctors to do their jobs but that would be Communisticky and a waste of MAH TAX DOLLAHS but yeah, let's worry about the gummint calling in the National Guard and forcing Rand Paul to give glasses to people in Armpit, Indiana.WHO THE FUCK THINKS LIKE THIS?Certifiably crazy, that is what Libertoonians are.

  16. >Southern Beale:The reality is that RandRonPaul and others of their sort are not, actually libertarians or Libertarians. They're top-down RWADs who will piss and moan about any government activity that might cost them money, personally. I'm sure they'd be thrilled to not be getting any Medicare/Medicaid payments and taking produce, livestock, seamstressing, what-have-you ILO the almighty buck. Their posturing is purely for the audience of credulous boobs who can't see past/won't look past the dog'n'pony populism.The same sort of people that support the RWADs are those that demand that the gummint give them what THEY deserve and not give it to those lazy bastards on welfare.* Right Wing Authoritarian Dickheads