Irony, Cognitive Dissonance, or Both?

Mostly this post was an opportunity for me to figure out how to post a photo. I think what frustrates me about WordPress is that everything which took one step to do on Blogger seems to take three steps to do on WordPress. Like, why do I have categories AND tags? Who needs both? How do I get rid of them?

Using WordPress reminds me of that great line from “Amadeus”: “Too many notes!”

Think How Much You'd Save
If You Rode The Bus

But anyway, I did snap this pic of a Nashville MTA bus advert yesterday afternoon because it amused me. How odd that an auto insurance company would advertise how much its customers saved by putting its message on the side of a bus! I mean yes, obviously the target is other drivers on the road, but I wonder if anyone bothered to think to themselves: “Wow, if I was taking the bus instead of driving a car I wouldn’t have to pay anything for car insurance!”

Probably not. Probably I’m the only person in Nashville who thinks that way.

In other news, Forbes Magazine ranked Nashville the nation’s fourth-most gas guzzling city. This makes sense, since Nashvillians don’t take public transportation, we drive everywhere, and half our neighborhoods don’t even have sidewalks even if you wanted to walk. Which trust me, the weather here sucks 60% of the time so you don’t want to walk. And every parking lot is filled with SUVs. I’m seeing a few more Priuses and even a couple of Smart Cars but generally Nashville is the land of the SUV.

Speaking of cars, I just found out the delivery on my Leaf was delayed until August. Which has me very, very sad because that means three more months of high gas prices before I can be fossil-fuel free.


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5 responses to “Irony, Cognitive Dissonance, or Both?

  1. i am so sorry to hear you are not liking wordpress. it worked well for me for the short period i was using it, even on my very old mac. i guess they’ve fucked it up just like the people at blogger and disqus have messed up those systems. i hate programmers.

    SoBe, i came over here to ask you if you would blog on what is happening in your state wrt gay rights. i just read about the law that got passed that bans ANY new civil rights initiatives in the whole state. what the hell? and now some other asshat is going to submit legislation that will eliminate any talk or writing in science classes that human sexuality includes homosexuality.

    really, i’d like to come and visit you someday. but i have a rule that says none of my money is ever spent in states with legislation like this. tell your legislators i said so; they just cost your state some tourist dollars, and i know your economy isn’t so great down there that it can afford to do so.

  2. Yeah I don’t blame you at all, I don’t spend my tourist $$’s in places like Tennessee either.

    Honestly our governor has signed off on so much wingnutty shit, from the assault on gay rights to the assault on teachers unions … I just don’t know where to start. He campaigned as the least offensive of the Republican candidates but I fail to see how he’s any worse than the most right-wing crazy we had in the race!

  3. Oh yeah! Well you know what has more ironicalness with jimmies on it than that ad on the side of a bus? That ad on the side of a bus that gets T-boned by one of their customers driving his shitbox 89 Ford Bronco with no inspection sticker, bad shocks and ball joints, bald tires, a cracked windshield, a bed full of empty “Lynchburgh Lemonade” bottles and a crack pipe in the ashtray!! And, no, that wouldn’t be MY Ranger. My Ranger is a 99 and except for some similarimumble, mumble….

  4. Categories are how you decide to cluster like things. Tags are how Google helps others find you. (As I understand it.)

    • Well I don’t want categories but apparently with my theme I can’t get rid of them. And I have hundreds of tags, because when I started blogging someone told me to do a tag for EVERY thing, which in retrospect might have been bad advice. But there it is.