Playing Politics With Disaster Relief


AH. Even more heinous than I thought:

The disaster aid package would be financed by a $1.5 billion cut from a loan program to encourage the production of fuel-efficient vehicles. That means the new spending wouldn’t add to out-of-control budget deficits.

Because God forbid we should touch the $21 billion in “incentives” we’re giving Big Oil. That would be wrong. /sarcasm.

Eric Cantor really is a reprehensible human being. Now he’s trying to play politics with Missouri disaster relief funds.

Can you imagine? It’s bad enough that whenever there are wildfires, earthquakes, or mudslides in California the wingnuts on cue all wail about how “mah tax dollahs” are going to those dirty, gay-loving Commies out there who should know better than to build major cities in earthquake country.

C’mon. We all know that Eric Cantor is just pissed off that FEMA denied Virginia’s request for disaster assistance last month. FEMA also denied Virginia’s request for funds from the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. The governor of Virginia has appealed the decision, but you just gotta know Cantor’s all upset about that.

Here’s a thought experiment: if FEMA decides to give Virginia its money, how quickly will Eric Cantor back off and let Missouri have theirs?

Honestly, this idea that the budget deficit is more important than anything else we do, anything at all, be it the health and well being of our citizens or helping a community recover from a disaster, is just a giant wad of bullshit. We spend $21 billion on incentives to oil companies, the richest corporations on earth, because hilariously, $130/barrell isn’t incentive enough. We spend millions of dollars every single day on our wars and our defense budget, much of it money we don’t even know where it’s going. We waste millions on NASCAR sponsorship and Derek The Abstinence Clown and giving tax cuts to multimillionaires.

So cut the crap, Eric Cantor. We know you’re a fraud. You don’t give a shit about the budget deficit. We all know that. You just got your fee-fee’s hurt because FEMA said no disaster assistance to your state a month ago. I don’t know if they were justified in doing that, but taking out your anger on the people of Missouri under the guise of fiscal responsibility is the worst sort of dick maneuver.

And please keep it up, Republicans. Because ditching the “compassionate” part of conservatism will be a big winner … for the Democrats.


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5 responses to “Playing Politics With Disaster Relief

  1. “Because God forbid we should touch the $21 billion in “incentives” we’re giving Big Oil. That would be wrong.”

    First of all, let me say, Fuck Eric Cantor. That felt great! Let me say it, again; Fuck Eric Cantor. Ah……..

    Now, then; I always find it interesting when the Republiscum find the invisible hand of the market is not strong enough to help Big Oil or Big Pharma or Big Farmer, what have you, out of the hole that they’ve dug for themselves. My solution to the energy crisis would be for the feds to manage it, just like they do the military, the national health service and other large unwieldy entitities that have huge budgets. The upside is that if the program runs short of revenues you can just RAISE THE FUCKING PRICE! Boy, wouldn’t the KKKonservatives hate it if the gummint fucked the poor and middle class by holding them hostage to a volatile oil market. Thank GOD for KKKapitalism.

    • My solution to the energy crisis would be for the feds to manage it ….

      Not sure if this is what you’re referring to Demo but isn’t it interesting how the Republiscum talk about “our” oil until someone mentions nationalizing the oil supply? Then it’s *crickets*

  2. Min

    Agreed. Cantor is a despicable human being.

  3. Liz

    Virginia didn’t get FEMA money because a)Virginia has the money available to help the mountain communities rebuild what little was destroyed and b)the amount of destruction was quite minimal compared to that in other states. I feel for the people who lost property and the areas hit are definitely in some of the most depressed parts of the state. Virginia’s damage equates to getting a skinned knee and being told by the rescue squad to go inside where mom and dad have a box of bandaids so the rescue squad can treat the people with traumatic head injuries. You can bet if Virginia Beach got a few gas stations knocked over there would be all manner of money handed out but when it comes to the mountain folk, it’s all scuffing of feet and aw shucks.

  4. Liz:

    Thanks for the perspective.

    Southern Beale:

    “Compassionate Conservative” is akin to “Sensitive rapist”. And, when it comes to “Compassionate Conservatism”, Mr. Cantor puts the “ASS” in it.