How’s That Hatey-Wingnutty Thing Working For Ya?

While Rutherford County’s Bill Ketron was busy worrying about things like should Tennessee create its own currency and banning Sharia Law, and even distributing anti-Muslim hate videos to his fellow legislators, the unemployment rate in Rutherford County has gone up.

Hey Rutherford County: how’s that Muslim hate-thing working for you? All the focus on stuff that doesn’t do anything but spread fear and turn neighbors against each other? The fearmongering about currency and all that? You liking what you got in the Tennessee state senate? Really?

Then I have nothing to say to you.


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4 responses to “How’s That Hatey-Wingnutty Thing Working For Ya?

  1. Ivan Ivanovich Renko

    Ketron’s proposal mirrors efforts to study the issue in states such as South Carolina and Georgia.

    They could simply use Confederate notes.

  2. Southern Beale:

    Everywhere I’ve ever lived they make comments such as, “Oh, but that person’s from SOUTHERN NY or WESTERN MA, etc. The reality is bigoted fuckwads are liberally larded into the body politic everywhere as are reactionary conservatives, pointy headed liebral bombthrowin’ elites, etc.,.

    I’ve been reading a lot of comments from various parties on several blogs, of late, by people who say, “Obama let me down, I’m gonna vote for X or just not vote–that’ll teach those fuckers too ‘dis’ me.”.

    Sorry, not quite. What that tactic will “accomplish” is a return of at least two branches (and possibly all three) of the gummint to the retardlicans. Why should yourself in the foot when you can just put the gun in your mouth?

  3. Min

    Ketron is crazycakes. Y0u can tell, every time he opens his mouth or files a bill.

  4. anonymous

    I guess it is all going about as well as the hopey/changey thing….