Another 2012 GOP Prediction

I’ve looked in my crystal ball and I’m ready to make another prediction about the Republican field for 2012.

As you will recall, I first predicted that Donald Trump would not run, and the media was wasting everyone’s time — and their own credibility — with constant “will he or won’t he?” coverage. Yeah, I know. That one was a gimme. You didn’t need to be an astute political observer to figure that one out. But hey, props for me: apparently I knew more than people with fancy book contracts and six-figure salaries in the political punditry. I totally called it, you guyz!

(Hint: I think that says more about them than me.)

So here’s my next political prediction for the 2012 presidential race (cue sound effects):

Sarah Palin is not running for president!

Yeah, I know. Another gimme! I’m really going out on a limb here. It just seems so obvious to anyone who has watched the Grifter from Wasilla play coy with the press for the past four years. She’s just playing a cute little game with you guys to boost her profile so she can rake in more dough down the line. Nice of you guys to play along, too. For all Palin’s whining about how unfairly she’s treated by the big, mean mainstream media, there’s a nice little symbiotic relationship here.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the American media? Why do they focus so much attention on the “will they or won’t they” story? Is this at all relevant to anyone’s life right now? If they run, they run. Until they decide, it’s not a story. I just saw some journobot on CBS’s Early Show saying “we have to cover this” and I thought, “no, actually, you don’t!”

And I have to wonder at what point is the media’s credibility completely shattered by wasting so much time on stories about Donald Trump and Sarah Palin and other candidates who clearly will not run? It’s like Balloon Boy all over again. They’re chasing a shiny piece of mylar in the sky wondering if there’s a candidate in there. No, there’s not.

Cripes. What a waste of time, money, energy, and talent. We deserve better than this.


Ha ha. CJR nails it:

You may never want to hear those words and you may never want to hear the advice that follows. Move on. She’s embarrassing you. There are plenty more fish in the sea. That Pawlenty kid is so nice and he actually likes you. But sometimes you need to hear it—especially when you’re devoting serious newsroom resources to your obsession.

The political realms truly resembles high school all over again. Hey, it’s not like this shit should be taken seriously, right? As if what happens in politics actually affects people’s lives or anything! /sarcasm

What the fuck is wrong with you people in the media? Pathetic.


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4 responses to “Another 2012 GOP Prediction

  1. There are lots of avid TV watchers out there who are hanging on every tweet from Sarah Palin. In a way, the election campaign is like a very long reality show isn’t it? We can’t wait to see who’ll be booted off the island next.

  2. ThresherK

    One phrase to quibble over: “Waste of talent”?

    I submit: Waste of opportunity.

    Not the kids, the ones who grew up not knowing better than how to cover Ronald “On Bended Knee” Reagan. But plenty of blame to go around for the erstwhile grownups, people you can imagine bumping into a bar and asking one question, to wit: “Didn’t you used to be Jeff Greenfield”?

  3. Palin won’t tell anyone where she’s going so the D.C. press have resorted to following Palin’s bus around like paparazzi on the scent of Lindsay Lohan. CNN has an entire BUS.

    It’s embarrassing. If I were a political journalist I’d be PISSED OFF that I got assigned to this gig. That’s what I mean by waste of talent. The powers that be have taken journalists and turned them into the lowlife who hang around outside restaurants hoping to catch a glimpse of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

    Jesus. The media in this country have just committed suicide.

  4. It’s really pretty easy to figure out what the notNews folks are up to. The more time they spend on The Impalinator, the less time they have to spend doing real work.