How Sausage Is Made In 2011

I read this article on changes in physicians’ political leanings and what interested me was not whether physicians increasingly vote for Republicans or Democrats (who cares) but this:

AUGUSTA, Me. — With Republicans in complete control of Maine’s state government for the first time since 1962, State Senator Lois A. Snowe-Mello offered a bill in February to limit doctors’ liability that she was sure the powerful doctors’ lobby would cheer. Instead, it asked her to shelve the measure.

“It was like a slap in the face,” said Ms. Snowe-Mello, who describes herself as a conservative Republican. “The doctors in this state are increasingly going left.”

Awww. Sounds like someone is in a fit of pique because her gift to Maine’s doctors was returned like an ugly Christmas sweater from Aunt Gladys.

Here’s what I don’t get: if the doctors’ lobby didn’t ask for this piece of legislation, why the hell did she file the damn bill to begin with? She just assumed they’d be fawning all over it because …….why? Because she heard some bullshit about tort reform on Fox News or read it in a Heritage Foundation newsletter or some colleague involved with ALEC told her to?

And if for some reason you have a burning in your loins to limit doctors’ liability, wouldn’t you at least first ask doctors what they think of the idea before crafting a bill?

Seriously, is this how legislative work gets done on the state level these days? You have a bunch of representatives filing bills on stuff they know nothing about, assuming this is what those affected by their legislation want because that is the conventional wisdom of the day?

I mean, look at the all the crackpot stuff the Tennessee legislature cooked up this past session. It’s a fair question.

Someone enlighten me, please.


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3 responses to “How Sausage Is Made In 2011

  1. I think it’s high time we stopped having sausage made BY politicians; we need to start having sausage made FROM politicians.

  2. Min

    Yup. Like the repeal of the teacher bargaining law, which the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents opposed, and from which 12 different boards of education, including the big urbans, attempted to have themselves exempted. Who, exactly, was clamoring for that legislation, again?

  3. Who, exactly, was clamoring for that legislation, again?

    Oh, that’s easy. That bill came straight from ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), a “free market” business-funded which basically lets corporations draft their own legislation and then ALEC legislative reps guide them through the state houses to make sure they become laws. There’s a reason these anti-teacher bills have been taken up at the same time all across the country.