So apparently one cannot embed certain videos into WordPress? Specifically videos from, say, Comedy Central? Like this awesome video from last night’s Colbert Report about why having a “businessman” president is a supremely bad idea?

Are you kidding me?

Jesus, why does WordPress make everything so fucking complicated? Too many notes! TOO MANY NOTES!

I know, I know: free service, quit yer bitching, yada yada. I don’t get why I can embed video on Blogspot but not an audio clip, but WordPress will let me embed audio but no video. Without my own host, of course.

It’s just crazy. This blogging thing sucks.


Okay for everyone who has been trying to help me, here is what happens when I try to embed Comedy Central video. In “Preview” all I see is a box and a link but no video:


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  1. ooof. with the Blooger thing, I was setting up a new bloggo/website using iWeb; but with Apple converting that to iCloud, I probably can’t host it there anymore, so I was thinking about just bailing for WP too….

    Oh well, if blogs were easy, everybody would have one….

  2. Oh well, if blogs were easy, everybody would have one….


  3. Have you tried clicking the html box and pasting the vido in there?

  4. Great video! Colbert used to work for me selling pork belly futures aka meatskins. Note: I have no idea what the fuck that means.

  5. Have you tried clicking the html box and pasting the vido in there?

    Yup didn’t work in the preview.

  6. Must be Mac thing. For me, it’s copy paste url, click insert video,.

  7. thomas

    SB: I understand your frustration.. I am asking a wordpress expert to see if there is a solution.. There just isn’t a blog host site that doesn’t have some sort of bug.. They aren’t too interested in things that aren’t making them lots of money..

  8. Hey southern Beale … My offer to host your blog on our site still stands.

  9. ThresherK

    SoBe, I thought you’d heard “F WP” enough at Balloon-juice to have been forewarned.

  10. ThresherK:

    Yes but I’ve also heard “F Blogspot” everywhere, too. It’s a universal imperative to curse one’s free blogging software.

  11. Thanks Nunzia … I’m gonna stick with WordPress for now …

    • Sure SB, but think about it. We use WP too and have our own hosting. I’ll even throw in (if I can get it). We really like your blog.

  12. dolphin

    They don’t seem to advertise it, but I’ve noticed in talking with people on (hosted) and comparing with my (I host) experience, that the .com version isn’t quite as fully featured as the .org version.

    But if Mack says he’s got it working on his side, you should be able to do the same thing. It’s not a Mac thing. WP is a web app so you’re OS is really irrelevant (potentially your broswer could, but It’d be SHOCKED to see a modern product like WP that worked in IE but not in standard’s compliant browsers).

  13. You can embed some videos, depending on where they come from. And each one has to be tweaked some way. There’s a cheat-sheet if you’re embedding videos from Vimeo or YouTube or other places. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to embed videos from Comdey Central, which includes its own player. And on top of that, I think a lot of it depends on which theme you have.

    It’s waaay too fucking complicated, way more complicated than it needs to be.

  14. Beale — here’s how you do it. When you’re playing the ComCent vid, up at the top of the player you’ll see some links, including one that says Embed. Click on that and it copies the embed code. There also might be a box to the right of the player with an embed box. You can click in that box and copy the code from there. Go to your WP page and select the HTML view instead from the tabs on the top right of your edit box (instead of “visual”). Paste the code in there, and that’s all there is to it.

  15. oops. sorry about the double post. fingers too fast today.

  16. nunzia –

    Thanks actually, I know how to embed code but for some reason at WordPress what I get is part of a frame and … lots of code. It doesn’t actually embed the video.

    I never use the visual mode, by the way. I do all of my blog posts in HTML.

    • Mmm. Then I guess the problem is wordpress hosted vs. Self hosted. It works fine at awop. Btw, there’s a plugin called vipers video tags that adds some functios to the edit menu bars to allow easy embed for most vids.