Demonizing Planned Parenthood, Nashville Edition

Doesn’t this seem like a self-fulfilling prophecy?

By defunding Planned Parenthood, which uses zero public money to perform abortions, they ensure that Planned Parenthood doesn’t have the money to do anything but perform abortions. If you take away the money they use for STD testing and PAP smears and pre-natal care and cancer screening and everything else involving lady bits which is the bulk of what they do, that just leaves the privately-raised funds for that icky abortion stuff. And Planned Parenthood becomes the evil “not a clinic it’s just about abortion!” place that the fundie anti-choicers always said it was.

I find this very odd.

I also find this attack on poor women very odd. I find it very telling that the so-called “pro-life” movement is spending its money on a message war with racist billboards instead of helping women get healthcare. Sorry if we’re a little jaded over here but it’s not like you people gave a damn about minorities before, except to treat them like criminals.

I also find it really odd that a bunch of old white men are running around crowing about this great achievement. Seriously, can you imagine? The same people who call it a huge overreach for Michelle Obama to make suggestions about healthy eating habits see nothing wrong with cutting off funds to clinics where a lot of women get their healthcare. That just sorta boggles the mind. No birth control pills for YOU!

Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we need some nationwide Lysistrata action. If the men of this country are going to run around crowing about how great it is that women have less access to reproductive health services, then maybe no nookie, okay? Sex leads to babies and STDs and the need for birth control and a good number of services that Planned Parenthood provides so maybe we just won’t put out until you stop taking away our access to these services.

Just a thought.

(h/t, Aunt B)


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7 responses to “Demonizing Planned Parenthood, Nashville Edition

  1. Misogyny has become a core value of the Republican Party. No self respecting woman should be a Republican and those that have to live with one should consider Loreena Bobbit’s example. After all, turnabout is fair play.

  2. Deny them sex? Oh, hell no. Bobbitectomies for the lot of them.


  3. Jim

    The Republicans say that the government has to spend this money and provide the healthcare services through government run clinics and the Democrats are against it? Seems like the parties have switched sides on this one.

  4. That’s funny Jim, cuz my thought was similar: the REPUBLICANS are against a PRIVATE group providing these services? They want a GOVERNMENT clinic to do it?

    Just FYI, the reason having the health department perform these services is a problem is because the government is now TOO SMALL to adequately perform these services. They’ve been laying off workers for years and aren’t sufficiently staffed or prepared to take over the entire load. Thank you, small government/anti tax conservatives. Your “pro life” ideology has run smack up against your “small government/low tax” politics, and the result is women’s health suffers.

  5. Jim

    The reason the governement clinics are too small is because the funding was being shifted from them to a private clinic.

  6. No Jim. The funds that went to Planned Parenthood are FEDERAL funds. Federal funds that go back to the Nixon era, actually, for reproductive health. It’s called the Title X Program. The health department is funded by the state and local govt. The Metro Council actually has to vote to make the changes so they can legally accept these funds. It was NOT a shifting of the pennies around.

    But now that you’re on record as advocating Big Government Socialist Medicine maybe we can have a big soshulisticky healthcare agency like Britain’s eh?

    You really have to explain to me the point of this entire exercise. Because the Republican Patriarchy thinks the name “Planned Parenthood” is evil they’re going to shift the money to the government and have them do the service? Because, why exactly?

  7. Jim

    Well we all know that in this particular case it is because Planned Parenthood also offers abortion services and the Republicans do not want to support such an organization. Would you be happier if another private organization that did not perform abortion services stepped up to offer the other healthcare services offered by Planned Parenthood instead of the government clinics providing the services? Are you suggesting that a private corportation could better offer these services than the government?

    The FEDERAL funds are given the state to distribute as they see fit to provide the Title X services. How many counties in TN were having Planned Parenthood provide these services before the recent change? (Hint – not that many).

    Should we instead look to hire on private companies to replace the government run clinics in TN?