Desperately Seeking Cultural Relevance

The idea that John Lennon was a “Reagan Democrat” just makes me laugh. Really, it does:

Imagine there’s no taxes …
It’s easy if you try …
No Commies to spit upon …
Above us, only Ayn…

The sad fact about conservatives is their failure to come to grips with their cultural irrelevance. Look, no one is going to write songs praising Sarah Palin, not good ones at least, not ones that will be played on whatever version of “classic rock” we telepathically beam into our brains 30 years from now. Republicans are always trying to steal liberal icons, because they don’t have any of their own. It’s pathetic, really. Look, can’t you be happy with Ayn Rand and Ted Nugent? No?

[UPDATE]: So desperate for cultural relevance, they even use iconic music against artists’ wishes.


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7 responses to “Desperately Seeking Cultural Relevance

  1. Min

    That sad fact about conservatives is that they are, by their very nature, on the wrong side of history. History is a progressive march. A stuttering, stumbling, drunken march, but a march nevertheless. If a group of people cannot accept that fundamental fact about the world they live in, then they’re doomed to a life of stomping their feet and going off to sulk in a philosophical corner

  2. Actually, it’s a brilliant strategy.

    Their followers are so culturally ignorant it will probably work for a large percentage of them. (And even if it’s just 20% that will be a lot of dumb but proud people.)

    You’ve gotta quit thinking they’re like you and your friends.

    They are not.

  3. themadkansan

    *craps behind couch, pees on ottoman, chews on rug*

    *see mom come around the corner – wags tail, gives sad soulful eyes treatment with chunk of rug still in mouth*

    (sry, couldn’t resist any longer… ~8D )

  4. ATSF616

    We have a pathetic, arrogant, homophobic little wingnut radio talk-show host here in Indiana named Peter Heck who says, among other bat-poop craziness, that Martin Luther King was actually a conservative, and is openly despised and reviled by modern liberals because of his Christian faith. What’s really scary about this is that Heck’s day job is a public high-school history teacher.

  5. I wonder if he’s a member of the teacher’s union …

  6. D.

    This really screams to be thoroughly studied, and I can’t do it.