Gov. Bill Haslam Thinks You’re Stupid

I’m sorry Gov. Goofball, hope you don’t mind people calling into question your motives for coming out against higher CAFE standards but after all, you did ask for it. You did leave your Pilot holdings out of your blind trust, saying it was “common knowledge” so, in effect, inviting the kind of scrutiny I’m bringing here. So okay, I’ll bite.

So Gov. Haslam, you’re able to keep an eye on the family business’ bottom line while in a position to do something directly impacting said family business … like, say, joining a group of other governors (most of them Tea Party wackos) in a letter to the EPA coming out against the higher CAFE standards Congress passed. Forgive me if that smells fishy, but since Pilot is a private company the public has no way of knowing if (or how much) of a hit the family fortune took during this economic downturn. It’s easy to see you’d personally benefit if the new CAFE standards were ditched; care to share how much?

What kills me is that our state media hasn’t even asked this question. I think it’s a logical question: the governor leaves his Pilot holdings out of the blind trust, then does something which would clearly impact that company’s bottom line. No one even noticed; heck, as I mentioned earlier today, the “liberal” NPR station in Nashville didn’t even bother to mention Haslam’s Pilot Oil connection until receiving complaints. Maybe everyone in the media forgot we have a gas station magnate in the state’s highest office, but I haven’t.

Bill Haslam must think we’re really, really stupid.

And to our Tennessee media let me say: do your fucking jobs. Okay, so maybe higher CAFE standards leading to increased gasoline sales might not ring alarm bells in the newsroom. But if you let this one pass, what else are you overlooking? Will you be as lax when Haslam guts environmental regulations which are inconvenient for Pilot? What about when he guts the state’s portion of the EV program? Just when exactly do you plan to draw any associations between what the governor does in office and how it affects his family business which has been left out of his blind trust?

Do you ever plan to hold the governor accountable? Just wondering.


The more I think about this, the more it stinks. Toyota and Hyundai have already vowed to not just meet but exceed the new CAFE standards. Tennessee-based Nissan has its all-electric Leaf, which since CAFE standards are fleet-wide, not by model, will significantly up their average — and the batteries will soon be made right here in Tennessee too. Plus, apparently Nissan was able to secure a loophole in the CAFE bill Congress passed. GM has its Chevy Volt which boosts its corporate average, as well. Are Tennessee automakers really bucking this higher CAFE thing? They seem to be the ones profiting from it.

This begs the question: is Haslam really looking out for auto manufacturers’ interests, or his own? It wouldn’t be the first time he falsely claimed to be acting on behalf of local businesses.

If only there were some kind of .. I dunno, experienced group of local people with contacts in the state government and local industry who could ask these questions and then, I dunno, maybe write them down or maybe broadcast them in a video we could all tune in to watch. What are those people again? Oh yeah, reporters.


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3 responses to “Gov. Bill Haslam Thinks You’re Stupid

  1. Dave

    The smug bastard sickens me.

  2. mike

    im currently a pilot employee and have been doing some research on the topic of his governship over tennessee having ties into his familly buisness im really eager to find out as much as i possibly can about this email mail me with any information you think might help me out i greatly appriciate it i really just don’t like the idea of monopolization ,taken the concept of any kind of growth to these smaller companys Jim haslam founder of PTC LLC is basically turning into the Sam Walton of the travel center business

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