WTF Are We Doing In Afghanistan?

Stephen Colbert nailed it last night. Again, WordPress won’t let me embed Comedy Central videos, but hit the link and watch Colbert’s classic depiction of our complicated relationship with Pakistan. It’s another one of those sad-but-true satirical moments which have made Colbert famous.


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2 responses to “WTF Are We Doing In Afghanistan?

  1. Ivan Ivanovich Renko

    What are we doing in Afghanistan?

    We’re fucking up. Short answers and all that.

    My first and still my biggest disagreement with the President on this; there is just no winning in the Graveyard of Empires. If I’d had my way in early 2009 the mission would have become “Find Bin Laden, shoot the fucker in the head, come home and have a parade.”

    That ten year old debt has been repaid, and hey, you tough-ass little Pashtuns: “Screw you guys, we’re goin’ home!”.

  2. Proud Socialist

    Why are we there? We’re transferring the balance of the loot left in the Treasury, divvied up between the financial gangsters and the military thugs.