No, “Anonymous,” this wasn’t cute, funny, subversive, satirical or even halfway cool. It was just plain irresponsible and stupid:

Fox News’s hacked Twitter feed declares Obama dead

Rogue 4 July tweets on TV news channel’s politics service go viral but Fox News is apparently back in control

Adam Gabbatt, Monday 4 July 2011 09.09 BST

Fox News has apparently fallen victim to hacking, with its politics Twitter feed repeatedly announcing President Barack Obama had been shot dead.

@foxnewspolitics began tweeting the information to its 33,000 followers at about 2am local time, with the posts rapidly being shared around the internet.

The rogue tweets appeared to begin after the account sent a message saying Fox had just “regained full access to our Twitter account”.

The following tweets all related to the supposed death of Obama, with some posts being very specific about the president’s injuries.

I don’t know what the hell these kids were thinking but it wasn’t funny, not by a long shot. I’ve about lost my patience with these idiots. First they go after how songwriters earn a living, and now this.

Grow the fuck up.


Some reports say it was Anonymous, others don’t identify the hacker at all. WHOMEVER did it, you’re an idiot.


The Script Kiddies have evidently claimed responsibility for the hack. Apparently they have “close ties” to Anonymous, two of the Script Kiddies are former Anonymous members according to my link.


Showing there’s humor even in this situation, the incident has prompted a new Twitter hashtag, #foxnewstwitterpassword. Funniest entries:



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6 responses to “Idiots

  1. Agreed on the points made, but why do you assume this was Anonymous?

  2. Sorry, several other reports like this one said it was Anonymous, you’re right I should have been more clear. I’ve added an update.

  3. Good thing I sleep through most things these days.

  4. Oh, yeah, well y’know who else don’t got no sensashumor? The Secret Service and the FCC. Seeing FuckTheNew’sCorpse hoist on their own petard is moderately entertainingish.

  5. I am sure that the hate machine has been agitating for the assassination of the president for so long now and in such appalling and vast numbers that only the very sick and stupidest among them would have given this any credence whatsoever.

    Still, just the same, fuck you, whoever you are. The hatred inside you will poison you from within.

  6. Kaleberg

    If I were going to hack the Fox news feed I’d put in something more incredible than some bogus Obama assassination. I’d say something like 2+2=4. That’s so unFox everyone would assume Rupert Murdoch had died or something.