Take Your Mild Climate And Shove It

Forbes came out with another one of their stupid lists and this one ranked Nashville #3 among upcoming “boom towns.” The reason Nashville placed so high?

Two advantages Nashville and other rising Southern cities like No. 8 Charlotte, N.C., possess are a mild climate and smaller scale. Even with population growth, they do not suffer the persistent transportation bottlenecks that strangle the older growth hubs. At the same time, these cities are building the infrastructure — roads, cultural institutions and airports — critical to future growth. Charlotte’s bustling airport may never be as big as Atlanta’s Hartsfield, but it serves both major national and international routes.

Mild climate? Says who! It’s not even the middle of the month yet and it’s like the gates of hell. 100-plus degrees and 40 percent humidity, which means it doesn’t even cool down at night. It is positively intolerable. We’ve had floods and snow storms and ice storms. It’s miserable here. It’s nice for two months in the fall and that’s it.

No wonder everyone is batshit insane here, our brains are fried.


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12 responses to “Take Your Mild Climate And Shove It

  1. ninadeah

    But its always been that way in your part of the world, except for that freakish but Blessed day ten years ago when the arctic front blew in, allowing men to wear wool suits comfortably at your beautiful outdoor, mid-July wedding! Happy anniversary my dear…. Continued happiness to you both…

  2. Min

    So, is “mild climate” a euphemism for that layer of grayish yellow stuff that hangs over the city like a pall?

  3. Must be. Honestly, anyone who thinks Nashville has a “mild climate” is only looking at the temperatures in January and even that is suspect.

  4. Yeah hard to imagine that 10 years ago this week I had an outdoor wedding. But we did manifest an arctic cold front and it was amazingly pleasant!

    No these temps have reached a whole ‘nother level of awful.

  5. Barb_in_GA

    Mrs. Beale, I take it that it was a cold day in hell? Congratulations on your anniversary, and I totally agree with you about the weather.

  6. ThresherK

    Remember, we’re dealing with a set of people for whom “climate” is something that only inescapably happens to the domestic help.

    How many hours a night do you use AC to make it tolerable in 100Fx40%? I’ve all but given up opening windows here because “low” humidity is 65%.

  7. Turning the A/C off at night is pretty much not an option here from mid-June through mid-September. I *do* turn off the unit in my office (detached from the house) at night, but only because no one is in there so who cares if it gets hot?

    I love open window weather but sadly it’s just too humid to make that feasible. Mr. Beale complains about my open window fetish enough as it is.

  8. ThresherK

    You can mark yesterday down on the calendar: We opened windows. After months of speculation, top scientists have proven that mankind can live at 70F/60%, at least for one day.

    I literally had to put in a few screens; we went from winter cold to summer humid so fast they weren’t needed until last nite.

  9. 70 degrees? Now that IS what I call a mild climate!

  10. ThresherK

    SoBe, that’s an evening temp.

    After sunset we hauled out the window fans (so seldom used that the cats were dangerously curious, BTW) and before the nitecap news we got indoors down to 75F/60%. I’m not an actuary, but I know enough to say that this is about a three-year event.

    Our common summer lows have been 60-65F, but the accompanying effect of 70-75% humidity outdoors makes it pointless to try drying inside from the outside.

  11. Ah, well we’ve been in the mid-70s at night but yeah, 70 might be pushing it. I don’t open the windows at night unless the temps get into the 60s. It just takes too long for the air outside to cool down.

  12. Our local weatherman, Wayne Mahar (a good guy) was waxing eloquent a few minutes ago about how we’d be having 90 degrees plus AND wilt the fence humidity over this coming weekend and the front end of next week. He said, “This is the weather we dream about in January.”. Oh, no, Wayne, just HELL FUCKING NO!

    I love 80 degrees with about 9% humidity. Phoenix, AZ at dawn in July–the rest of the day, stay inside.