On The Road

We’re traveling, which explains why posting has been slow … here’s something I saw today, a nice encouraging sign that all is not lost for America. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out where we are. No cheating by asking the Great Gazoogle!


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8 responses to “On The Road

  1. Jeanie Graham

    I was confused by Cenk’s explanation of his leaving, since I didn’t see him as being particularly radical. My guess is that Sharpton got better ratings, and that was that.

    Also, I am wondering what Southern Beale thinks about the suggestion that the Murdoch Pie Incident was staged……

  2. Ooops I responsed to Jeanie’s comment in the Cenk thread. Sorry!

  3. ThresherK


    If the Murdoch Pie was staged, it wouldn’t have been a pie.

    I’m thinking Bob Roberts instead.

    (Yes, everything in politics today was expressed in a shockingly prescient 19 year old satire.)

    I’ll guess the urban, urbane Pacific Northwest.

  4. ThresherK:

    Last year I wrote a post titled “Holy Crap We’re Living In A Tim Robbins Movie.” I still can’t believe it.

    • ThresherK

      I remember it and have awarded you multiple points for it. Actually, you should prewrite a post for when “Bob Roberts” stops being the key to the map of politics; that would be much easier.

  5. Min

    That text looks Episcopalian to me, so I’m going to say somewhere in Virginia.

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