An Artist’s Revenge

What have I been saying about the power of the arts? Here’s local artist Brandt Hardin, getting back at Gov. Goofball, er, Bill Haslam, who’s so in favor of small government he signed a law outlawing the display or transmission of “distressing images” online (I wrote about it here.)

Hardin’s picture may cause some distress to Mrs. Haslam — or not, who knows. Maybe the Haslams have a sense of humor? Aw who am I kidding, they’re Republicans. Those people still think Rich Little is funny.

Ironically, news of Haslam’s “distressing images over the internet” bill came in the middle of WeinerGate when, if you recall, Andrew Breitbart was spreading pictures Weiner’s weiner via his iPhone. As far as I know, Breitbart escaped prosecution in Tennessee, so perhaps Hardin’s little stick-at-the-hornet’s-nest stunt will go unremarked too. Then again, IOKIYAR.

(h/t, Pith In The Wind)


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2 responses to “An Artist’s Revenge

  1. Randy

    Thank you for the link. But that I had such talent for disobedience.

  2. Thanks for sharing in my Civil Disobedience! FYI: I’m still a free citizen of the great state of Tennessee. Every day I’m free, we’re proving the law a farce… until I get arrested (then we’ll prove the law is a farce!)