Even When We Win We Lose

Liberals, this is why you can’t have nice things.

Please stop pissing and moaning about the Wisconsin recall. You handed two nasty-ass Republicans their walking papers last night. The third election was likely stolen by the infamous Kathy Nickolaus of the mysteriously appearing ballots.

Look, we all knew if the Dems took back the Wisconsin Senate the MSM would bury the news on the back pages; if the Republicans kept the Senate, it would be a “repudiation of Obama/Democrats/unions/liberals” blabbedy blah. This is as sure as the sun rising in the East and dogs licking their butts. That doesn’t mean we have to swallow their turd tea, people.

If the shoe had been on the other foot and Wisconsin’s governor were a Democrat, the loss of two senate seats would have been a “stunning rebuke.” We know this. It’s always Republican Rules, right? Everything is always good news for Republicans, Democrats are always to blame, and, well, IOKIYAR. Bush The Lesser won re-election by the smallest of margins and it was a mandate.

Democrats, please recognize when you’ve won. Celebrate it. Shout it from the rooftops. Rejoice. Hell, I’m celebrating.

I’ve got a song for two Republicans now polishing their resumes. You’ve been dismissed, boys:

And with this I’m crawling back into my hole to emerse myself in work.


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15 responses to “Even When We Win We Lose

  1. MichaelF

    Absolutely agree that in a role reversal we wouldn’t be hearing the end of it. Hell, in 2009 the Tea Party couldn’t get two people complaining to each other on a park bench without Faux News breathlessly reporting on “the groundswell of opposition to ‘secular-islamo-socialist-librul-Obama.'”

    But would’ve really liked to see Darling get the heave ho, especilly given how close it was until Waukesha came in late to bail her out.

    And again, in a role reversal, does anyone think Pausch wouldn’t get hammered as a “fraud” if left-leaning districts were the late night margin of victory?

    Well, contemporary convention might be stacked against the left, but no way would I ever abandon my conscience.

  2. Proud Socialist

    Media? Role Reversal? We won two? Doesn’t mean squat.

    What means something is the republicans kept power and in their usual ‘we just squeaked by…’ way. Breaking the law and abusing the process *just enough* to ensure the REAL victory, the one that counts.

    Please hold down the celebrations long enough to realize who won and who lost here. This was another victory for stolen elections, rigged machines, people with no scruples and The Matrix. Yes, The Matrix, that conglomeration of money, power, sociopaths and their running dogs that sets the beat the rubes dance to at the polls. Push the buttons, wave the signs, shout out slogans… and then watch as… mysteriously, like the wizened arthritic Finger of Fucking God, the election just barely manages to go to the badguys. Whouda ever thought THAT might happen!

    Yes, you revelers have had the wool pulled over your eyes again. Thinking you had a chance to change something when in reality everybody was spinning their wheels and doing nothing of consequence.

  3. SB, very well said. I am losing patience with the constant woe is me whining exhibited by some liberals. There’s work to be done and wallowing in the misery of it all achieves absolutely nothing. Let’s celebrate and work on taking the next steps. That is infinitely preferable to drowning in the negativity expressed by Proud Socialist, who apparently thinks that he/she is accomplishing something by telling those of us who continue to fight that all is pointless and that we’re “doing nothing of consequence.” What exactly are you accomplishing, PS?

  4. Proud Socialist

    Hi Sheria… what am I accomplishing? I’m not in Wisconsin but I’m also not wasting my time ‘celebrating’ something that won’t change a damn thing. Republicans — unlike Democrats — vote as a bloc. You’ve gotta get a majority to consider it a victory otherwise the real winners are gonna pass another law tweaking the system a little bit more against ya… something like no more recalls of Republicans, only Democrats.

    Think it can’t happen? Wake up, this fight is for blood and its gonna get bloodier all the way to the end. Polllyanna’s will be a drag on real change.

    You want to get things cracking? OUTLAW ELECTRONIC VOTING. You wanna see real change? MAKE VOTING BY MAIL MANDATORY. Work toward those goals and Democrats will start winning elections. Ignore the fact the Republicans cheat at the ballot box because of electronic voting and you can keep on whooping it up over ‘victories’ like this.

    Wanna waste some more time? Keep patting yourselves on the back while more restrictive laws keep getting passed until finally you’ll be celebrating your loss of voting rights altogether.

  5. Jim


    How would this end voter fraud? Who is to say who actually filled out the ballot that gets mailed back?

    • I believe it’s Oregon where all voting is by mail. Don’t know how they do it but as far as I know they haven’t had any problems. At least, I haven’t heard of any.

      It is a voter fraud preventative by eliminating the whole “get out the vote/polling place” mechanism. So much voter fraud happens when people are intimidated at the polling place, met with long lines, given the run-around on their polling place (that’s a popular one in Davidson County: you’re in the wrong polling place! Go HERE! You go there and guess what! You’re in the wrong polling palce! Go there! Lather, rinse, repeat.) Or the popular right wing tactic of telling people to vote on a different day, which I’m shocked anyone things works but which happens here EVERY single election.

      Then again, it doesn’t do anything to prevent vote buying, someone paying you to vote for a specific candidate and then of course you have the ballot to prove how you voted so you can collect. Honestly I’m not sure if that’s much of a problem but hey, anything is possible.

      When I lived in CA I used to, just as a matter of course, request absentee ballots, even if I wasn’t going to be out of town. It was just more convenient for me to vote by mail. Tennessee of course makes you jump through all sorts of hoops to request an absentee ballot, you have to prove you’re going to be out of town on election day or some bullshit plus I’m not even convinced they count those ballots unless the election is close. But we have early voting in Davidson County so of course it’s easier to vote now that you can spread it out over 2 weeks. Still, we use those awful electronic machines, the iVotronic, which has been proven to be hackable. So I really have zero confidence that my ballot is actually counted, counted accurately, isn’t manipulated later, etc.

      Pretty sad that in America you can show up at the voting booth and have zero confidence in your vote being an accurate reflection of your choice. Some democracy.

  6. We won two? Doesn’t mean squat.


    I AM from Wisconsin, and those two votes would have been enough to prevent the union-busting budget bill from passing, since one of teh Republicans crossed the aisle on the vote.

    In fact, that R, Dale Schulz, has voted with the Democrats several times.

    And now there is more opportunity to vote out some Republicans in the next election, as the results of Walker’s actions become apparent. In fact, the pressure of the recalls and public attention has already forced him to reverse his decision to close DMVs in Democratic districts; offices that will be required as the Voter ID law goes into effect.

    And, of course, winning 1/3 of the contested seats (Nancy Pelosi dreams of that kind of ‘squat’ result in the next election) provide a morale boost and momentum going into the Walker recall effort next year.

    Take your purity somewhere else. We’re working up here in Wisconsin.

    • THANK YOU.
      Geez I’m sick of the negativity. Marathons, sprints, yada yada. Telling people their best isn’t good enough is defeatist. I don’t have time for it.

    • Proud Socialist

      “…I AM from Wisconsin, and those two votes would have been enough…”

      woulda, coulda, shoulda never crosses the finish line first.

      Face it, without the third win, your purity didn’t get the job done. They’ll close ranks and freeze you out. And there’s always going to be another ‘opportunity’ to come close to winning — thats the way the game is rigged. Can’t be too obvious when you’re manipulating the vote count or even ordinary dweebs might get it thru their skulls that people are cheating. Keep on working though. You’ll be allowed to earn a few more brownie points. Next time target the tame Republicans you like in mixed districts instead of some rural backwater with the She-Wolf of the SS already holding down a seat and getting $9million bucks to spend. Go after the low hanging fruit that has an (R) next to its name, blow them out of office and get that third seat. You need a little hard core purity.. and some decisions made by hard men who want to win, not to look good in their photo ops at the losers party.

      And SB, it ain’t negativity, its the freakin’ truth. How do you think we got in this mess in the first place? If you want to win against revolutionaries, you’d better be willing to face hard political facts of life and not sip your chardonnay out by the koi pond too soon.

      • It’s not chardonnay, it’s pinot grigio and there’s too many mosquitoes out by the koi pond at this time of year.


        Look, I think you’re just wrong here, PS. Sorry. This is an agree to disagree thing I guess. You beat people up because they brought home the silver medal not the gold medal when facing the East German Shot-put team of transvestites, and what are YOU accomplishing? You’re enabling the enemy.

        Talk about facing hard political facts, how do you think the recalls happened in the first place? Thousands of people camping out at the state capitol in FEBRUARY for crissakes to protest? Getting their signatures to recall SIX GOPers? Doing all the hard work of campaigning and fundraising and GOTVing last week, and they won 2 seats which fuckitall is two more seats than they had before. You think that hasn’t sent a message?

        You’re playing the Purity Devil. I don’t have time for it.

      • Face it, without the third win, your purity didn’t get the job done.

        dude, you’re the one claiming purity.

        And we DO have those two votes in the State Legislature now, you dolt. THAT is the point. THAT is how progress happens: in fits and starts, after strenuous efforts.

        Go after the low hanging fruit that has an (R) next to its name, blow them out of office and get that third seat.

        You’re so smart, how come you don’t realize that there was no such creature other than the six that went through recalls? There were no low hanging fruit; we knew this was a hard battle, and winning two out of six is still progress. You bloviate about purity and difficult battles, and when a fight like this doesn’t turn out all rainbows and unicorns, you say WE didn’t work hard enough? Where the fuck were you?

        Now, are you going to help us recall Scott Walker, or do you see that as pointless also?

  7. I always enjoying your writing, SB. And you’re right, a butt load of voters tossed some recently elected chumps out of office – that’s a sure sign that voters do have heaps of power. Should they exercise it more? Of course. And very few outside Wisconsin thought any recall would have any chance for success. They were wrong.

  8. I don’t get the sense that anyone is simply patting themselves on the back and resting on their laurels. Instead, there is positive affirmation that voters can make a difference in the Wisconsin recall elections. What we need is encouragement, PS, and that’s what people are feeling, encouraged. People who have hope keep fighting; people who always see the glass as half empty just drag the rest of us down to sulk in the corner with them. We need more people like the voters in Wisconsin who took on the system and won this battle.