Balloon Juice Seattle Meet-up


A good time was had by all! Beers and martinis were consumed, conversation was shared, Dollared stuck Yutsano with his drink bill (an accident? I report … you decide!) … we enjoyed some wonderful company and good food … MikeJ, thanks for suggesting we all get together, you picked a great spot, too.

One of the things I love about blogging and blogs in general is how it creates community. But when these virtual communities become “real” through meet-ups and get-togethers, it’s all the more powerful. Yes, there are real people on the other side of the nyms and comments.

So, thank you all for making Mr. Beale and me feel welcome!


Apparently Seattle’s rumored rainy/gray/depressing weather is just an evil lie to keep tourists away. It’s sunny and in the 80s here.

So, we look forward to meeting everyone! I don’t know what I’m wearing up top, but look for a middle-aged chick in white jeans and glasses. Also, Yutsano says he will be wearing a green Marvin The Martian T-shirt.


Sorry. It’s Saturday. 5 pm. Zig Zag.

My bad.


Okay looks like we’ve settled on ZigZag at 5-ish. I know that’s really early for you young kids, but we will probably be very jet-lagged as our plane leaves at 6 am which is 4 am y’all’s time, which means getting up REALLY early. Also, we are old and need our beauty sleep … so we’re thinking cocktail hour, and then perhaps some food to soak up the booze after. Dollared’s recommendation already has my mouth watering. Sound good?

I still haven’t figured out the secret handshake. Apparently I am supposed to wear the Official Silly Hat to identify the gathering, but since I’m traveling a couple thousand miles and luggage space is tight, that doesn’t seem practical. Anyone else have any ideas? Also, don’t know how busy this place will be that early. Open to suggestions, however ….

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Any Seattle-area Juicers interested in a meet-up this weekend? Saturday or Sunday? Discuss time/place options here ….


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24 responses to “Balloon Juice Seattle Meet-up

  1. MikeJ

    Saturday is probably better for me, but it doesn’t rule out Sunday if that’s what works better.

  2. Yutsano

    Let’s see if FYWP is gonna continue to be cranky still…

    Were you thinking late dinner or just getting verschnickered?

  3. I’m thinking drinks, dinner always works … we have no plans. Saturday would be nice. Something near the farmer’s market maybe, if that’s doable. That’s where we’re staying. We are not familiar with the city at all, is the only thing. So something easy for some tourons to get to.

    • Susan S

      If we can do it on Sunday, my place is on Western and Broad..about 6 blks from Market. Stunning views of Elliott Bay and Sculpture Park. We can supply salmon & salad. Let me know..we are BJ fanatics.

    • We are free either evening. Our garage sale ends at 4pm Saturday, so we are available after that. We live on the Eastside, so I would think any time from 7 until ? would work.

  4. ThresherK

    Okay, from three timezones away I’m officially bordering on jealous.

    Off topic: Note that Ohio got the public-union-stripping bill on the ballot for repeal. Legitimate polling, by Quinnipiac, has it down by a percentage in the high teens (54-36). Gov. Kasich’s response is now (after not before) asking the unions to negotiate, so they don’t have to go through all this “partisan” stuff of having that on the ballot.

    Kasich has basically changed “I hit you first and now we’re even” to “Can’t we all just get along?”

    Wow. It’s a good thing he’s a manly ManPublican, or I might be tempted to call him a wimp.

  5. MikeJ

    Zig Zag is the single best cocktail bar in Seattle,(I’d argue one of the top ten in the US) and is right below the Market. Not open until 5pm.

    For a drinks meet, especially if you’re near the market, this would get my vote.

    • OK since we don’t know how many folks we’ll be, let’s just do that. Pick a time .. I’ll post it here, Mike you can post it over at BJ … and if it’s just 4 people or 14, it won’t matter and Susan won’t be put out any.

  6. Dollared

    Fabulous idea! Saturday Happy Hour would be great – I have kids-and-mother-in-law duties the balance of the weekend.

    I’d support with Susan’s place (must be an gorgeous view) or Zig Zag. I’ll be at the Seattle Athletic Club preemptively working off the appetizers until the drinking begins.

    And SB, right below Zig Zag is a fabulous Mexican hole in the wall called El Puerco Lloron. Order the taquitos – any filling will do, but their pork carnitas taquitos are why God made pigs.



  7. Dollared

    Jeanne, it’s simple but not easy.

    Stand at the Pig in the center of the Market, right by the seafood stand where they throw the fish. Face into the Market building – there are stairs in front of you, going down. Take them. Go all the way down. When you get to Western Avenue, cross the street and keep going down. Zig Zag will be on your right.

  8. Yutsano

    I’m in!!!

  9. One stupid question: how will we know each other? I’ll be a bit late, so I’m a short, tubby white woman, age 61 with a short white guy age 64, and my hair is gray and cut almost like Carol Channing’s, but shorter.

  10. Yutsano

    I’ll be the guy with black hair and glasses in a bright green Marvin the Martian shirt with a cane. You can’t miss me.

  11. Yutsano

    Just scream, “HEY YUTSY!!!” I’ll respond, don’t worry. 🙂

  12. Kewalo

    Damn, damn, damn, I would love to be joining you all but sadly I can’t make it. I am so envious I am just green. Have a wonderful time and maybe next time I can be there.


    • Yutsano

      We noticed we had quite a few area folks missing and also that dollared couldn’t stay for the whole night. So there’s musings about getting together again in the future just on our own. I’m hoping that comes together, we had a blast!