Christmas In August

I understand Nashville is in the throes of the proverbial “dog days,” all gasping dry heat and parched lawns. This is what we encountered today, August 31:

That’s right, over a foot of snow. Not flurries, but clear-the-shelves-at-Kroger, school-is-cancelled snowshowers. Then again, we were on a glacier. Still, it’s unnerving but also a little delightful. Another glory of travel.


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  2. “Then again, we were on a glacier.”

    I thought you wuz on the train, did I miss a post somewhere’s?

    For those gentle readers who think that a foot of snow is;
    A. Beyootiful


    3.) A rare experience.

    I will be offering guided tours of my driveway in about two months; dress warmly and make sure to stretch before your turn at the shovelfunnin’!

  3. I did miss the post about hiking, but I was thinking, when I wrote that last comment, how Monte Python might have used the glacier for a sketch about a rental agency like they used the camembert for the Cheese Shop sketch:

    “Sorry, gov, we’re all out of everything in the advert, except the Mendenhall Glasier. It is slow, granted, but it get’s faboulous milage and, trust me on this, NOTHING get’s in your way!”.

    So, were you up around Lake Louise?

    • Yup we’ve been in the Canadian Rockies for the past week, Gorgeous!

      • Jim

        My in laws were up there at the beginning of August. He was shocked at how expensive things were compared to Memphis.

      • Really? I don’t find things that radically different. It’s a remote area, and a resort town. I expect things to be marked up, just as they are in places like Aspen and Big Sky and other seasonal tourist areas. It’s not as expensive as, say, Norway….

      • Jim

        They mentioned paying like 30 dollars for a Pizza and some other examples. I don’t have any European travel to compare it to. I have been to India – where my wife’s family is from. The dollar goes a long way in India.

      • I haven’t seen any $30 pizzas, unless one is buying an extra huge one or a fancy one in a swanky place. We got a pizza yesterday and it was comparable to U.S. prices. I guess it’s like anything, it depends on where you go.

  4. as a resident of Wisconsin, this picture is triggering me.

  5. …perhaps I should say this picture is shoveling me.