Sometimes The Answers Are So Simple

I don’t know if this was a subtle ad for Pepsi but I’m thinking not. If it were, they’d be shrieking about what good corporate citizens they are by donating gazillions of empty bottles to the cause.

I really loved this, though. What a great reminder that sometimes you can transform someone’s life with the simplest solutions. And yes, ingenuity can be found even in a Philippine slum:

Isang Litrong Liwanag means “a liter of light.” Find out how to help here.


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5 responses to “Sometimes The Answers Are So Simple

  1. dolphin

    That is really cool

  2. Beth

    This breaks my heart and makes me happy at the same time. Such abject poverty is unpardonable, and the ingenuity of this man is amazing. Such a small thing making such a difference in so many lives is fabulous. The fact that it’s necessary is…words fail me.

  3. Beauzeaux

    Nothing to do with Pepsi and everything to do with helping others.

  4. PurpleGirl

    I saw a different story about the lights at another blog (and I forget which one). I think the idea is fantastic. It’s a real help and improvement for the people and a good way to reuse the soda bottles.