Maybe They Should Have Worn Tricorn Hats

Amazingly, the national news media which flocked to cover every second of the “balloon boy” story and offers minute-by-minute coverage every time three Teanuts gather together has almost completely ignored this story. Even more amazing is that it’s happening in New York City, right under their noses. Every time something happens in New York — an insignificant earthquake, or an overblown ego like Donald Trump running for president — the New York-based media treats it like the most important thing in the world. But a peaceful protest of Wall Street greed enters its fifth day and they can barely be bothered to cover it.

I wonder why that is? Obviously, the media is too “liberal.”


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  1. Frank Simpson

    I checked out the arrest videos and could not help but reflect on what Mayor Bloomberg recently said regarding social uprisings that could occur here just as they have in Europe and the Middle East if the country does not get on the right track economically. I wonder if he realizes how the police look in these scenes.
    There was a time when such scenes would be on national TV–not some web
    site or Thom Hartmann’s show.

    • I remembered that quote as well. I wondered if Bloomberg was doing a little pre-emptive fearmongering.

      Someone else said that it’s just as well there’s a media blackout. When the media does pay attention, it’s to portray liberal protesters as violent anarchists. The lead of the story is always about “property damage.”

  2. “The lead of the story is always about “property damage.”

    Yeah, it’s terrible when some thuggish protestor gets his come-uppance from a hard workin’ Person of Integrity and Guts and then has the gall to bleed all over the hood of some poor magnate’s Ferrari.

    Hey, you know who did cover the Wall Street Poor Pride Parade? Russia Today, that’s who!

  3. For most of the readers of this here blog there was never any doubt but for all others this event (or perhaps non-event?)should remove whatever doubt remains about the allegiance of the corporate controlled media.

    Thanks adbusters.

    P.S. Al Jazeera English has also been covering the protest.

    I suspect they’ll cover the murder of Troy Davis too.

  4. Troy Davis is this generation’s Emmet Till.

    • It’s very sad. I had hope when SCOTUS reviewed the case last night … should have known better. From everything I read there was quite a heavy presence by Georgia police at the prison too … dogs, helicopters, etc. Yes, we get it: the all-powerful state showing everyone their power and might, we know….

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