What Will We Tell The Children?

C’mon people, is there anything funnier than an American Family Assn. boycott? Seriously, they launch these things just for our amusement, right?

So now the righteous religionists at One Million Moms have their panties in a twist over Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls ice cream because … it’s balls! And … well … balls!

“The vulgar new flavor has turned something as innocent as ice cream into something repulsive,” the group, an offshoot of American Family Association, stated on its website. “Not exactly what you want a child asking for at the supermarket.”

Those foul-mouthed Vermont liberals have ruined everything, I tell you! Now even something as innocent as a trip to the supermarket is fraught with peril. What’s a mom to do if one of her gumdrops should ask, “Mommy, what do Schweddy Balls taste like?” (I guess recalling the last Teabagger rally would be the wrong response, yes?).

It’s so hard to raise kids in these vulgar times.

The company responds:

Ben & Jerry’s spokesperson Sean Greenwood told ABCNews.com that in the last three days, he’s only heard from about 600 moms — not a million — complaining about the new flavor. At the same time, the company has received hundreds more e-mails that say things like, “We get the joke” and “We love you guys.”



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2 responses to “What Will We Tell The Children?

  1. “Those foul-mouthed Vermont liberals have ruined everything, ”

    It’s a lot worse than that. B&J’s is owned by Unilever, oneathem GODLESS Yooropeon companies; 11-ONE!!!

    Oh, damn, I just realized, BJ’s Schweddy Balls, the HORROOOOOOR!

  2. Illanoy Gal

    Gee, I wonder what the chances are that B&J’s Schweddy Balls ice cream will make it out here to Hawaii. (sigh) Oh well, one can always hope! 🙂