Riley’s New Toy

Riley’s got a new toy. As you can see, he adores it:

I think Riley is pretty freaking adorable, but that’s just me …


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6 responses to “Riley’s New Toy

  1. sfinny

    Your Riley is a handsome boy. With a new happy toy. And my gosh he is a solid body. Is that a 70 pounder?

  2. themadkansan

    eeeeeeeeeee! 8D

    Is that just a repurposed tire, or an actual chewtoy shaped like a tire?

    Same general weight and build as Sandy; about the only time you’ll see bigger ones is if you happen across the genetic throwbacks to fighting days – AKC standards tend to limit them to the 50-55 pound range, 17-19 inches tall at the shoulder IIRC.

    Long, low, and built like a brick shithouse. 🙂

    • Chew toy, he’s not that big of a boy!!! But chew toys don’t last long around our house, this one has made it 48 hours already! Looks promising….

      Didn’t know they were small, I’ve seen bigger ones at the dog park and on Tyson Kilmer’s Dogz Life blog.

      • themadkansan

        The big ones are popular with the ‘bling bling’ crowd, and those who like to intimidate with their entourage. Some people just like 70-pound terriers, too. 🙂

        is just like any other dog, with the exception of being as strong as a small horse… o!O

  3. ThresherK

    Fun-looking dog. And those markings on a pitbull will strike a chord with anyone who has fond memories of the “Our Gang” shorts.