There’s Something Happening Here

For all that talk we’ve been hearing about an “enthusiasm gap,” I have to think that’s right-wing wishful thinking. Because liberals, Democrats, progressives, unions, and working people are taking it to the streets. From coast to coast, people.

This doesn’t look like an enthusiasm gap to me:

The Transport Workers Union Local 100 unanimously voted to join the protesters, the Huffington Post reports. The union boasts a membership of 38,000 people.

The protestors will reportedly march to the NYPD headquarters Friday.


Meanwhile, similar protests seem to be spreading to other cities.

In San Francisco, several hundred people gathered in the city’s Financial District on Thursday to protest the banking system, the Examiner reports. Six people were arrested after staging a sit-in at a Chase bank, according to the Bay Guardian.

The DCist reports that hundreds of people in the nation’s capital are planning to protest in McPherson Square on Saturday. Protests will be held in Boston on Friday.

Here are some scenes and links from around the country:

• Firefighters in Ohio protest job cuts:

Postal workers in Michigan march to save their jobs:

But union leaders say that if the 2006 austerity measure hadn’t been put into place during the ’06 “lame duck” session of Congress, the Postal Service would have posted a $611 million profit over the past four years.

“They want us to pay for retiree health care now for the next 75 years, for people who haven’t been born yet,” said Mike Sheridan of the South Macomb Letter Carriers union.

No representatives from Miller’s district office ventured outside to face the crowd of about 200 – nearly double the attendance that was expected. The postal workers gathered at the curb on Van Dyke near 22 Mile Road, waving pro-union signs and American flags, and urging supporters of the cause who were driving by to honk their horns. Many emphatically complied.

• Postal workers also take to the streets in Maryland:

• Hundreds of union members in Washington State rallied to support longshoremen at the Port of Longview, “one of the area’s largest labor demonstrations in recent memory”:

They’ve been occupying Chicago in front of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank for a week now (first I’ve heard of this, too. Um, media?)

• They’re getting creative in Boston :

• … Even a little devious in Washington:

At sunrise, each member of the Association of Washington Business Policy Summit received a call in their plush suite at Suncadia. When they picked up the phone, this is the message they heard:

“Good morning! This is a wake up call. While Wall Street Bankers, corporate CEOs and their lobbyists go to wine tastings, play golf and plot how to maintain special interest tax breaks, middle class and poor families are struggling to make ends meet. Today, you will notice hundreds of community members here to protest at the Showdown at Suncadia. Our message: It’s time Wall Street Banks and wealthy CEOs pay their fair share.”

Showdown activists also delivered an “agenda” for the day to each room, prior to the wake-up call. You can download the agenda here.

And let’s not forget the tens of thousands who rallied in Wisconsin all through the winter and spring.

Enthusiasm gap? Naah. That’s just a meme the media has co-opted, hoping if they repeat it often enough it will become fact. Hasn’t happened yet. I predict we’ll be hearing that the left is “too angry” is 5… 4… 3…


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6 responses to “There’s Something Happening Here

  1. Here are some of the other 99%. Go read a few and feel very, very fortunate.

  2. ThresherK

    Does the math for the “enthusiasm gap” work as for PresidencyInCrisis!!1!one! ?

    Our liberal media is loathe to narrativize Shrub’s “popularity” (and the odd steroid boost of a security “emergency”) with Obama’s “unpopularity”. It only evens out when the 12 charity points are added to Shrub’s score.

  3. Frank Simpson

    With my tongue planted firmly in cheek–BOA’s announcement that they will start charging $5 for using a debit card will enable them to avoid “losses” due to Obama’s new regs. We don’t want BOA to suffer do we ;-)?

    WISHFUL THINKING: Ah, Bank of America…you are no longer entitled to use our name.

  4. It’s about time! Run Cornel Run!

    Awesome link.