The Shocking Interview Fox News Refused To Air

The great irony is that this Fox News reporter defends the media to Occupy Wall Street protestor Jesse LaGreca by telling him that,

“We’re here giving you an opportunity with On The Record with Greta Van Susteren to put any message you want out there you, to give fair coverage, and I’m not going to in any way be biased about it. So that is the exception to the case. Because you wouldn’t be able to get your message out without us, yes?”

… and then promptly left that message on the cutting room floor. Gee, I wonder why? Perhaps because LaGreca pretty much handed this reporter his ass and shamed the network — and the fact that they refused to air this interview is only further embarrassment for the Republican Party’s propaganda machine. Watch for yourself:

And I have a special wag of the finger to my liberal friends who keep saying the Occupy Wall Street protestors don’t have a clear message. I’m not sure which protest you’ve been watching but the message seems very clear to me. The bottom 99% want to have their needs addressed. They want to be heard. They’re tired of lower wages and fewer benefits and outsourced jobs so the folks at the top can take home bigger bonuses. They’re tired of a rigged casino where lobbyists make sure the house always wins, paid for by everyone else. They’re tired of being told they don’t matter.

It’s all very clear to me. Rock on.

(via New York Observer…)


And speaking of news media, I’m not sure the New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin should admit he only went down to Zuccotti Park to cover the protests because the CEO of a “major bank” called him and asked him what the protest was about.

Gee, I wish we all had our personal New York Times reporter to ask about current events! Oh wait, I thought that’s what subscriptions were for …


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7 responses to “The Shocking Interview Fox News Refused To Air

  1. sigal mona

    I love it! No peeing! Don’t invite the French actor who peed in the plane’s isle!
    But seriously: Jesse LaGreca is the thinking man’s Joe Sixpack, or the antidote to Sarah Palin’s plummer buddy from the election campaign! Take that, Republicans! I would like to know that Mr LaGreca does for a living.

  2. John D Lynch

    Fox is run by Nazis.

  3. Aw, poor Hanky; he disses the prez and his corporate paymasters jerk his leash.

    Southern Beale:

    I’m not sure about the San Juans but there are some areas up there with more than a few white supremacists living in them.

  4. Southern Beale:

    Granted, just didn’t think about them being out there in the islands, but a freind assures me that they’ve infected that area as well as rural OR, WA & ID.