It’s Mitt

Wow, seems like only three weeks ago Sarah Palin was telling her supporters she’d continue to mull a presidential run if they’d just send her more money. Oh wait, it was.

Well, she’s not running. Suckaz!

It’s been really funny to watch Republicans search vainly for someone — anyone — else to hang their hopes on. But, sadly, y’all are stuck with Mitt. You’d think after this latest Chris Christie hilarity he’d have got the message: they really don’t like you! But he feels it’s his turn, so there you go.

I am amused at the great irony that is the Mitt Romney candidacy. As anti-corporate Wall Street protests spread across the country, the Republican Party is stuck with the founder of a private equity firm as its candidate. Can’t get more out of touch than that.

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  1. St. Sarah and the SKKKrotalMurKKKinPatriotiKKK Front; the Lucy Van Pelt and Charley Brown with a football of U.S. politics.