OMG I Really Am One Tough S.B.

Pardon me for some horn tooting here but I just followed a bunch of links off Sitemeter and was stunned to discover the esteemed Nashville Scene named me “BEST LIBERAL” in their “Best Of Nashville” issue!

Clearly there must have been one helluva drinking party when y’all pulled my name out of the hat. I am extremely humbled, as well as shocked, embarrassed, and, of course, pleased as punch.

And also shocked.

And did I say embarrassed?

Thank you to Steve Haruch for the kind write-up and to the rest of the team over at the Scene. I’m sure you’ll be regretting this soon.

Honestly, I’m still just shocked that anyone reads my shitty little blog!

Now, off to grab a latte and take my Leaf for a spin while listening to NPR on the radio.


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13 responses to “OMG I Really Am One Tough S.B.

  1. ThresherK


    As a coastal elite who gets all the jokes Hahvahdites and Yalies lob at each other (and how they look down on Cornell), I am steeped in liberalia.

    You are not merely “Best Liberal (Compared to the Rest of Nashville)”. Your work travels well.

  2. Best Liberal? Mary Mancini must be gritting her teeth. Seriously, I’m glad your blog got the recognition it deserves. Had there been a ‘best cat blog” you would have been a shoe-in.

    • Mary Mancini works. She’s an organizer and gets stuff done. I just vent incoherently in caffeinated or drunken blog posts.

      If she’s gritting her teeth she has every right.

  3. deep cap

    You deserve it. I’ve read your comments on Balloon Juice and Gin and Tacos before and I know you’re not insane or full of yourself, so I finally clicked the link to your blog last week. Needless to say, I should have subscribed to this long ago.

    Keep it up!

  4. Randy

    Congrats. I respect your humility but it’s time to give up the harsh self-deprivation, you’re THE REAL DEAL. Besides what self-respecting liberal would vote in a “Best Of’ contest impaired by alcohol or other mood altering substances?

  5. Min

    It couldn’t have happened to a nicer commie pinko feminazi. w00t!

  6. GoldnI


  7. Barb_in_GA

    Personally, I’d put you up for Best in the South, if there were such an award.

  8. You’re a talented writer Ms. Beale. No two ways about it. Glibertarian Fail was a little bit of the old satire I love so well. I guess you have integrity which is why you have built up a loyal following.

  9. “You deserve it. I’ve read your comments on Balloon Juice and Gin and Tacos before and I know you’re not insane or full of yourself,”

    Is that what I’ve been doing wrong? Shit, no cure for that!

    Congratulations Ms. Beale!

  10. Thanks for the kind words, y’all. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

  11. ThresherK:

    I recently heard a guy saying that his kid was going to a real college instead of a shitty landgrant like Cornell. I suspect his child was not invited to attend Cornell.