As Seen On TV

Truly the tackiest, most tasteless piece of commemorative War On Terror porn I’ve seen yet. When I saw the ad my jaw literally dropped to the floor. Seriously: what the hell is wrong with you people?

This is just begging for an SNL parody.


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7 responses to “As Seen On TV

  1. Kind of pathetic that someone thinks there is a market for this sort of tripe….. but, $19.95? kind of sad….

  2. Bob

    Well you know it is an over 200.00 dollar value.

  3. BUT IT’S A $265 VALUE!!!!

  4. Bob

    And gold plated. It could have collectable value on Storage Wars in the foreseeable future, you know, after the Mayan calendar thing gets settled for good.

  5. PurpleGirl

    Of course they don’t tell you how many of the damn things have been minted. You’ll own 1 of 1,000,000 (for example) or 1 of 500,000… could make a difference in the resale market. (Not that I think there’s much of a resale market…)

    • I always wondered about resale of this crap. Remember back in the 70s and 80s they’d sell tacky collectible dolls on late night TV? Always with the “resale” angle. Why would there even be a resale value to this stuff? But then I remember hearing about Beanie Babies having a resale value.

      Cripes, what do I know.

  6. Jingoistic hucksterism has been a profit center since at least the time of the Pharoahs.