Irony Thy Name Is Curry Todd


Just …. WOW:

Sponsor of Tennessee guns in bars bill charged with having a gun while driving drunk

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee state Rep. Curry Todd, a lead sponsor of a law allowing handgun carry permit holders to bring guns into bars, has been arrested on charges of drunken driving and possession of a gun while under the influence.

Police say in court documents that the Collierville Republican was pulled over in Nashville late Tuesday. He allegedly failed a roadside sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer. A loaded Smith & Wesson 38 Special was found in a holster stuffed between the driver seat and the center console.

Well, isn’t this just peachy.

What did I say about Todd’s guns in bars legislation back in 2009? Oh yeah:

So thanks a lot, Curry Todd. I can’t see this ending any way but badly.

I have to say, I had NO idea.

For extra irony points, let me note that Rep. Curry Todd is the Tennessee State Chairman for ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), the corporate-funded organization writing all of this wingnutty legislation that has people protesting in the streets.

The karmic wheel has turned. And I’m playing the world’s smallest violin.


ThinkProgress has the mug shot. It’s not pretty.


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6 responses to “Irony Thy Name Is Curry Todd

  1. deep cap

    DAmn gubbermint taking away our rights to get liquored up and shoot at anything that moves!

  2. Is it legal to register to vote in bars? I mean in Texas a concealed carry permit is a valid form of ID to vote but not a state issued student ID.

  3. themadkansan

    …anyone care to make a bet that nothing of substance will come of this, since the person in question is an influential Republican?

    (yeah, yeah, I know, but someone had to say it…)

  4. It will only up his street cred. Now, if he could just shoot some blackhomeinvader he could run for the U.S. Senate. Wottaman!

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