Occupy Everywhere

This photo made me laugh:

The Occupy protests have truly gone worldwide, now on every continent: including Antarctica! There’s just something about this message — no to oligarchy, no to income inequality, no to corporate hegemony and a broken, bought governance — that resonates with people everywhere:

Looking at the images of the protests that occurred in 81 countries around the world Saturday, the visuals are strikingly similar. In Tokyo, cardboard signs read “We are the 99 percent.” The tent cities look the same in London, Toronto and Washington. U.S. dollar bills cling to a man in Stockholm.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’m trying to remember all of those Tea Party protests in the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc. Oh right, they didn’t happen. Oh I know, there were a handful of people in London in September 2010, but the UK events were all astroturfed by the same right-wing think tanks and dirty Koch money that flogged the big U.S. events. They went away pretty fast, too. I guess “protesting” to support the ownership class just doesn’t seem to be a winning message with the masses.


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  1. I just came across todays entry “Occupy Every where”. While Marin County isn’t as far away as the Antarctic, the feeling was palpable when some 300 of us gathered on Saturday with all the other groups across the planet. I loved the fact that there are no labels to hang on anyone. This is simply about the greed that is going on all over the planet, and affecting all the inhabitants, and if we don’t stop it it will destroy us.

  2. Dieter vonMonkeyspank

    I just completed a 10,000 mile road trip, kinda made a “C” shape outta Colorado, up to “The Great Lakes”, across the northern most part of the country, I think it was highway 2, West. Across N. Dakota, Montana, Washinton St., down through Oregon, California, Arizona. New Mexico, and finally Texas.
    Spent 6 weeks on this, and no-body, new what the hell OWS even was.
    The “Good” news is that if you want work, go to Montana. Everyone up there said they never even took a hit from the 08 debacle, plus its beautiful.
    If you want work, for works sake, go to N. Dakota. Its a UGLY hellish BOOM from OIL. Even the folks up there hate it….until they CASH-OUT!
    What really struck me was how much back in sync,(sic), everyone was. Just out there shopping up a storm! Wives at every Walmart spending what available cash the “Old-Man” was mak’in. Hell, every other plate in Texas is a “NEW” tag, so they’re out spending that Dollar.
    I hope it works out for a 70% consumer driven Economy!!! Thats what they wanted, right?


  4. deep cap

    You can’t trust those penguins. They’re secret capitalist plutocrat spies what with those Tuxedos they wear!!

  5. Occupy, dear ladies, with a DIxie melody !!!

  6. OWS has been brewing for a long time. Just ran across this “rant” post I did last November. Seems to sum up the OWS movement pretty well.

  7. Min

    Now would be the time to send pizzas to your local Occupy movement. Protesting is hungry work.

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