Romney Whitewashes Healthcare Statement In 2nd Memoir Edition

The problem with Mitt Romney isn’t his religion — it’s his flip-flopping on his own healthcare plan:

(ORLANDO, Fla.) — After the Republican presidential debate Thursday night, a senior advisor to Mitt Romney acknowledged that a line about spreading health care reform throughout the country was changed in the paperback version of Romney’s book No Apology.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said during the Florida debate that Romney took out the single line that suggested the Massachusetts health reform law could be applied to the country. The line that is removed in the paperback version reads, “We can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country.

Oh, Republicans. You keep painting yourselves into a corner! Romney even denied his book had been changed, saying:

“I actually — I actually wrote my book, and in my book I said no such thing. What I said — actually, when I put my health care plan together — and I met with Dan Balz, for instance, of The Washington Post. He said, is this a plan that if you were president you would put on the nation, have the whole nation adopt it? I said, absolutely not. I said, this is a state plan for a state, it is not a national plan.”

Le Sigh. Look, this stuff can be checked too easily. Why even lie about it? Do you think people won’t check? You’re looking like an ass. Either stand behind what you said, or say you were wrong and you’ve learned something since then. Don’t pretend you didn’t say it! That’s beyond asinine. It’s kind of making you look like a political opportunist with zero credibility.

Romney staffer Eric Fehrnstrom tried desperately to paint the edit as a change akin to fixing a typo:

“Every time a book goes from hardcover to paperback there are updates that are made,” said Fehrnstrom after the debate. “When Mitt Romney wrote his book No Apology it came out before the health reform law passed and the stimulus bill passed came so of course there were updates a year later when the paperback edition came out. That’s not unusual in the publishing industry.”

“They were simple updates to reflect that we had more information at the time the paperback came out,” said Fehrnstrom.

I just want to die laughing right now. Really? You now have “more information”? Such as how extreme the base of the Republican Party has become? The very people you have to suck up to in order to secure the nomination need you to pass their ideological purity test, and you can’t? And there are True Conservatives running for the nomination who can? But those folks could never, ever have broad enough appeal to win a general election?

Sucks to be you, dude. I can’t believe these things didn’t figure into your game plan. You’ve only been running for president for how many years now? Well, how unprepared are you? And you really think lying about your state healthcare reform is going to work?

I know it’s hard for Mitt Romney to pretend to be a True Conservative who wants to repeal “Obaamcare” while the public record shows the exact opposite. But surely you folks saw this coming, didn’t you? You didn’t have a better game plan than just denial and whitewashing the public record whenever possible?

It’s the lack of credibility, stupid.

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