Suffering Succotash!

Warning to all teachers: apparently grading papers in public is now a subversive act.


As we left we stopped by a group of teachers who were doing a grade-in in an open plaza across from the park.

Grade-ins have become common in cities across the country as teachers gather in public spaces to do work that usually gets done at home, off the clock and unrecognized: prepping for classes, grading papers and doing the unending paperwork that the school bureaucracies demand.

Since there was no open space in Liberty Square, this group of teachers gathered across the street. A few minutes later two uniformed New York cops arrived on the scene.

“What’s going on.”

“We’re grading papers.”

“Can’t do that here.”

The cops disappeared for a few minutes and suddenly there were a half-dozen more New York cops.

“Can’t do that here,” they repeated.

“Thank you, officers,” one of the teachers politely said. And the teachers gathered their tests, folding chairs and hand-made cardboard signs and moved across the street, disappearing into the crowd.



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7 responses to “Suffering Succotash!

  1. “Can’t do that here.” is beginning to sound a lot like the mantra of the Reichwing.

  2. Well now we know why the NYPD is so busy at Occupy Wall Street. When the cat’s away ….

  3. Min

    My eyes just rolled so hard that I could see my shoulder blades

  4. Can’t grade papers in a public place?
    WTF? Were the teachers nekkid of something?

  5. PurpleGirl

    From the picture, it looks like they were outside 140 Broadway, which has a very large sidewalk on it’s main doorway side. But it is not a park. The red thingy in the picture is a piece of art. There is also a large granite marker proclaiming it Harry Helmsley Plaza because the building was built by his company. An important tenant with sidewalk doors is Brown Brothers Harriman, a privately owned investment bank. (Just some NYC real estate trivia. The web site for 140 Broadway doesn’t mention the Helmsley marker, btw. I used to work a few blocks from the building.)

    • The link said the park was too crowded and they went across the street.

      Well I can see why it would be inconvenient for a privately owned investment bank to have teachers grading papers. I mean … the horror.

      This reminds me of another post I need to do: on the vanishing public space around the country in which to wage such a protest.