Look What The Dog Dragged In

I’m walking the dog after dinner, Mr. Beale is doing the dishes, and at the end of our driveway I hear this plaintive little cry that I think is a child on the playground next door. But I’m not sure and I do my patented “kitty kitty kitty!” call and sure enough, it’s this little niblet:

The dog was curious but didn’t run the little thing off, thank goodness. I was able to bring it indoors, whereupon it devoured a can of cat food and a bowl of water. It is now passed out in our spare bedroom.

Little Cutie is so wriggledy squiggledy, and has such long hair, I have yet to determine its sex. More worrisome is a bare patch on its shoulder (flea allergy? Ringworm? Sign of abuse?) For now we’re keeping it away from everyone else until we’re sure it doesn’t have any communicable diseases.

I’m quite sure there is a sign over our house visible only to felines and dogs that reads “Sanctuary.” Right now my feeling is, if you can make your way to our door, we’ll take you in.

More after a visit to the vet tomorrow.


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15 responses to “Look What The Dog Dragged In

  1. Cris (without an H)

    What a cutie!

    Any chance the bare patch is where the vet implanted an ID chip? I don’t know exactly how those things work or where they go.

  2. Chris T.

    Aww, looks like my Alice! (Not exactly, but close.)

    Alice at 5 weeks: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chris-flickr/4440394300/

    (she’s 2 and a half years old now)

  3. Frank Simpson

    It looks like a Tuxedo! Our two Tuxedos–Gracie Mae & Hannah Sue Charlotte are awaiting your next report

  4. themadkansan

    skwee!!! 😀

  5. SIA

    Awwww! Precious! Your lucky day.

  6. Buddy said that he thinks teh kitteh is tres qute and he would love to play with it–I’m pretty sure his definition of “play” would not be the same as mine or yours.

    She is, “Oh, hell, go ahead, I got the $620.38, fix her up!” cute.

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  8. kc

    What a sweetie!

  9. Mnemosyne

    Awwww! We ended up with a third cat because Charlotte dropped out of the engine compartment of a car in the parking lot of G’s office and howled until he picked her up. (And then howled some more until he went back outside and found her sister, who we did find a new home for.) They were about 6 or 7 weeks old, too, according to the vet.

  10. Yutsano

    KITTEH!!! What a birfday present!

    The good news is the bare patch at that young age will be a relatively easy fix. It could just be something as simple as a missing patch from running around in the woods.

  11. ruemara

    looks like a cross between my Smudge and Takkun. Welcome kitteh! SB, you should check over the skies of your house, it may have kittehvisible writing that says just that.

  12. John Weiss

    Blessings on you, you sucker, for taking in stray felines. We do as well!

  13. Awwwww! Kyoot kitteh is KYOOOOOOOOT! Happy birthday!

  14. Aww, kitteh!

    Hoppy Belated Beer Day!