Kitteh Update

Sure Beats Life On The Streets!

First piece of news: We named him Oscar, on the suggestion of several blog commenters. Stinky was a close second, and more apt: his farts could clear the house.

Second piece of news: while we’re still awaiting results of the additional FIV test, we’ve let him out of his room when we’re around to supervise. Mostly he hangs out with us anyway, and no one except the dogs have been inclined to get within two feet of him.

He’s spent the past four days resting, eating, and healing. In fact, today is the first time he’s shown any interest in playing with toys or exploring. I’ve never seen such a mellow kitten, and I suspect it won’t last.


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9 responses to “Kitteh Update

  1. Frank Simpson

    As to, “…his farts could clear the house.”

    Now, now! You should know that cat poop is a secret weapon. The cuter the cat, the stronger the poop oder.

    Also consider that some of it may be due to his adjusting to a regular diet instead of who knows what before he found your home.

  2. dolphin

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the first FIV test was a false positive, but with house cats, the risk to your other cats is very low. FIV is almost exclusively transmitted via bite wounds.

  3. joel hanes

    When our adopted kittens had fart odor issues,
    and other signs of intestinal distress
    the vet recommended feeding them nothing but
    human strained-turkey babyfood until they felt better.

    And ix-nay on the ilk-may

  4. Another famous internet cat named Oscar. It’s a great cat name. But this Oscar looks like a fluffy Della Street. My kittehs are already confused.

  5. Leinie

    Ah, SB he’s cute. On the FIV thing, out gorgeous Billy Bob, who died last spring, was positive and he did fine with the other three-none of them are positive and Bob lived with us for about eight years.

    Glad he’s perking up. Buttsey Wiggle, my 14 week old, fell in the toilet last night, and his sister Hannah tore the drapes off their hooks, so enjoy the mellow.

    • LOL.

      I’m sorta worried, actually. He barely moves most of the time, though today he got mildly interested in a toy. I think he’s just doing major healing for now. Vet said he’s got very little muscle from all the malnutrition.