Good News Friday

Where is all the good news? I came into the end of this week with nuthin’. Here are a few scraps.

• The Balanced Budget Amendment has failed to get the necessary 2/3 majority in the House. Awww. I haz sad.

• “Patriotic Millionaires” beg the supercommittee to raise taxes.

• National poll debunks the myth that American belief in climate change has fallen. It hasn’t.

• Kansas judge issues temporary restraining order halting the state’s new anti-abortion law.

• Thanks to some Nebraska ranchers, TransCanada agrees to route its pipeline away from Nebraaska’s sensitive Sandhills prairie — and the Ogallala aquifer beneath it. Better yet, these newly-minted environmentalists vow to keep fighting any future pipeline plans.

• The first criminal charges have been filed over the robo-signing scandal, in which mortgage companies and banks issued mass foreclosures, often fraudulently, to illegally foreclose on homeowners. Granted these are low-level folks; I’m thinking some upper level executives are going to need to be frogmarched before the TV cameras before people put their torches and pitchforks away.

• Occupy Wall Street threw up a “bat signal” on New York City’s Verizon building yesterday. It was all made possible by a single, working mom living in subsidized housing across the street from the building. Even more amazing is that she refused any money for the use of her apartment, saying “this is for the people.” Awesome!

• The Arizona Supreme Court has smacked down Gov. Jan Brewer, reversing her impeachment of Colleen Mathis and reinstating Mathis as chair of Arizona’s Redistricting Commission.

• Another right-wing myth DOA: the Institute for Southern Studies crunches some numbers and reveals that environmental regulations actually create jobs, not kill them. Imagine that.

Good News, Local Edition:

• The National Resources Defense Council named Nashville an “Emerald City” for its green infrastructure and storm water management efforts.

• A federal panel has ruled that Judge George Paine II’s membership in the all-male, all-white Belle Meade Country Club violates the judiciary’s code of ethics, concluding that the country club “engages in invidious discrimination against women and African Americans …”

• FEMA funds are back, enabling the buyout of flood damaged homes to resume. The buyout program had been put on hold because of all the budget crap happening in Washington.

• Tim McGraw named one of People Magazine’s Sexiest People Alive. Okay, this ain’t my usual shtick so I’m sorry, but McGraw is sexy. And he’s a Democrat and he sings the Nashville Predators’ theme song. Time for you to run for Congress, buddy!


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2 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. deep cap

    Buh. Every time I hear about a country singer being a Democrat, it reminds me of how the Dixie Chicks got booed off stage when they came out against the Iraq war.

    Now I haz a sad. (But yay for Tim McGraw, I love his music too!)

    • The thing about that whole debacle is, the Dixie Chicks were at #1 on the charts when that happened. They didn’t get booed off the stage, what happened was there was an organized attack on them by corporate radio interests. They staged these CD crushing parties and all the rest. The entire thing was ginned up. The Chicks had just sued their record label at the time over royalties and won, so they had very few real friends among the industry suits who call the shots in country music.

      But you just don’t DO that to an artist who is NUMBER FUCKING ONE on the charts. You are shooting yourself in the face when you do that. So look what happened, the music industry is in the shitter and I have to think some of that is karma for how certain business interests attacked the genre’s #1 artist that way.

      The Chicks are doing fine, the women are all married with babies and side projects and they’re set for life with their royalty monies, once you have a hit song it pays you forever. But where’s Clear Channel and Cumulus Radio now? Bankrupt?