Occupy Nashville Confronts Rumsfeld At Fundraiser

I don’t think Donald Rumsfeld will be too eager to visit Nashville any time soon, after some Occupy Nashville protesters gained access to a private Heritage Foundation fundraiser here last night and hurled charges of “torturer” and “war criminal” at him.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Security had to escort four Occupy Nashville protesters out of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s fundraiser at the Downtown Hilton on Thursday night.

The four protesters were given tickets and snuck into the $125 per plate fundraiser.

Video sent to us by an attendee, Gretch Steubbel, showed Rumsfeld speaking. Moments after he got on stage, a woman stood up and called him a war criminal. In the photos, she was escorted out of the ballroom at the downtown Hilton.

Three other people from Occupy Nashville got up to speak. After they were kicked out, they uploaded a video to YouTube.

“When I came our time, I got up, I pointed at him, and I said ‘Donald Rumsfeld, you are a war criminal, and you lied to the world’,” the woman said.

They were given tickets to the event by a Vietnam War veteran, which is just so telling. Does the Heritage Foundation assume all veterans support the war machine? Who knows. Video here:

Back in September I saw some amazing video of Dick Cheney’s “welcome” in Vancouver, B.C. Washington and the elites need to remember, we haven’t forgotten the utter lack of accountability over the Iraq War, too. While the conversation has turned to economic inequality and wage stagnation and the need for the wealthy 1% to pay their fair share, we’re still waiting for some accountability on this disaster, too. And this is something that lands squarely in the Democrats’ lap, because when they took power in 2006, they did absolutely nothing in this regard.

A lot of people raked in tons of money off the blood and torture that is our Iraq military misadventure. That just turns my stomach. Hey, Heritage Foundation: if this is the “heritage” you’re so proud of — war profiteering, torture, lies and fearmongering that forced the nation into a needless war so ExxonMobil can grab Iraq’s oil — then I have nothing but contempt for you.

We’re still pissed. I’m still pissed. We want some accountability. Not just on the financial meltdown, but on the Bush Administration’s biggest mistake. How come no one is in jail? How come Rumsfeld and Cheney can walk around raking in money off of book deals and make speeches at conservative fundraisers, as if they didn’t have blood on their hands?

Nothing illustrates the power of the plutcorats more than this.


The comments on the video’s YouTube page are a window into the dark soul of the Freeperati. Some examples:

Too bad security didn’t shoot them in the head.
jasonc32amg 38 minutes ago

Can’t imagine why anyone would call conservatives violent! And here’s this one:

Well, here’s a list of their top supporters. Yep, I’d say communists and socialists.

Communist Party USA
The American Nazi Party
Revolutionary Communist Party
Black Panthers
Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan
qpwillie 35 minutes ago 2

Hmmm, wanna provide any evidence of that, Sherlock? I guess the answer is no, since there was no link to accompany these allegations. Of course, the Occupy movement is a diverse, unorganized, non-authoritarian, grassroots movement. Unlike the Tea Party, which wouldn’t exist without money from various foundations associated with Koch Industries, and constant promotion from Fox News, Occupy represents a diverse set of interests coalesced around the main idea that the majority will no longer be ignored by those who hold all of the power and influence in our country (and in our world). And speaking of the Tea Party, whatever happened to them? Hmm.

Here’s my favorite:

You guys seem a bit extreme. Rumsfeld a War Criminal?

Really? Do you remember 9/11?

How about 3K of our own people that died that day? & thousands more that were injured/currently w/ serious health problems.

Maybe you folks would get alittle more accomplished & people would take you seriously, if you didn’t act like little immature kids outside of a HOTEL chanting like a crazy cult–you realize this was late for some people? My family HAD TO listen to your crazy ass mob chants from outside.

utoobonutoob 1 hour ago

Poor, poor baby. Amazing to me that there are still people out there who believe Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11. Must be a Fox News watcher. As they say, the more you watch, the less you know.


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22 responses to “Occupy Nashville Confronts Rumsfeld At Fundraiser

  1. “Nothing illustrates the power of the plutocrats more than this.” Amen! can you post the video from inside the dinner please?

  2. Randy

    Thank you for posting. Thanks to the Vet and O.N. protesters for speaking the truth on my behalf.

    P.S. “…needless war so ExxonMobil can grab Iraq’s oil…”

    I found this interesting when it hit the news some months ago.

    CNPC Completes First Phase of Al-Ahdab Field(4/18/2010)

    “Reuters reports that the China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), the first foreign oil company to sign an oil service contract in Iraq after former president Saddam Hussein was toppled, said on Monday said that it completed construction of the first phase of the Al-Ahdab oilfield.”

    The National Chinese Petroleum Company (NCPC) has announced on its Internet site on Monday that it had carried the first crude oil shipment from southern Iraq’s Rumeila Oil Field to China, being part of its joint project with Iraq.
    The NCPC and the giant British Petroleum (BP) had signed a 15-billion US dollar contract with the Iraqi government in November, 2009, to develop the Rumeila Oil Field, the largest oil field in Iraq.

    British Petroleum possesses 38% of the contract and the NCPC – 37%, whilst Iraq’s state-owned Southern Iraq Oil Company owns the remaining 25% of the contract.

    • Remember this from 2008?

      Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back

      BAGHDAD — Four Western oil companies are in the final stages of negotiations this month on contracts that will return them to Iraq, 36 years after losing their oil concession to nationalization as Saddam Hussein rose to power.

      What a coinky-doinky! That kinda looked bad, us invading the country and toppling the dictator and then the exact same oil companies kicked out of the country 36 years before were back. Nope, no blood for oil here!

  3. BlackFlag

    Uh, I thought OWS was supposed to be about the 99% and wealth inequity, why is Occupy Nashville dragging foreign policy into this. It will fracture the unity of the movement

    • Dude if you don’t think the rise of a Permanent War Economy has anything at all to do with glaring income inequality and the 99% movement then you simply have not been paying attention.

      But thanks for your “concern.”

      • knot2bright

        Thank you!

        The 1% do tend to be a globe-hopping set there, BF, wreaking havoc at all corners for the sake of money=power. No room for isolationism – they’ll just move their operations unless we Occupy the world.

      • BlackFlag

        Focus, dude, focus … if you lose 55% of the 99% with this kind of Code Pink action, you become marginalized. Fine if you want too protest this but don’t use the Occupy Movement as cover, it dilutes the brand

      • Dilutes “the brand”? There IS no brand!

        Yeah, again, the “concern” has been noted. Pretty sure they don’t have anything to worry about.

  4. ThresherK

    Was there a poster of the famous photo of Rumstud shaking hands with his good friend Saddam Hussein?

    Sidenote: The late Andy Rooney was the only person I saw on teevee brandishing that photo circa 1991. When this country was getting whipped into a frenzy over the appropriate response to SH’s invasion of Kuwait, curmudgeonly old Andy was the only guy to say “Wait, remember all those arms we sold him when Iran was the biggest threat EVAH? Don’t forget your Orwell!”

  5. Rumpfeld, Scumfeld, Rumpledickskin–the list of pejoratives for that smug piece of shit is far too long. Wherever that lying asshole is buried better have a really tall fence around it.

    “British Petroleum possesses 38% of the contract and the NCPC – 37%, whilst Iraq’s state-owned Southern Iraq Oil Company owns the remaining 25% of the contract.”

    My math puts the total at 90%, do Bush and Cheney split the other 10%?

  6. How ironic that someone who disagreed with this action stated we can’t call Rumsfeld a war criminal in light of the 9/11 attacks. They completely miss the irony that instead of pursuing the perpetrators of the attacks under international law for Crimes Against Humanity (I think they meet that definition), Rumsfeld & gang started some wars, including one against someone who wasn’t involved. Of course, international police action is for candies, right?

    • It’s not irony, Joe. It’s just typical right wing idiocy. People who eat up right wing talking points aren’t known for any deep intellectual thinking.

      • Randy

        No kidding. I was reading a piece on Russell Pearce’s recall defeat in AZ the other day and a commenter, defending his record, was listing benefits of being in the U.S. illegally that all of us should be distressed by including(I kid you not):
        Being defended by the U.S. Armed forces without standing FOR THE DRAFT.(emphasis added)

      • LOL.

        That’s so hilarious. No wonder we call them “the uninformed.” Probably came off of one of these viral e-mails ….

  7. Gosh, there are certainly a lot of “progressive” concern trolls coming around on comment threads these days whining about how ineffectual OWS has been.

    I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence, though.

  8. Very funny and weird thing at the Rumsfeld protest. We noticed a white van just outside the park. The engine was running, but no-one was in the front. The back had blacked out windows and something on the roof that looked like a disguised surveillance camera. The van had a Nashville Electric Service logo on the side but it was just a detachable magnetic decal, and when phoned NES said it was not their van, as their vans all have identifying numbers. At one point the van was surrounded by people shouting “Move this van! Move this van!” Concern was expressed that maybe terrorists were inside it. Finally someone fetched a Metro policeman and complained it is illegal to leave a vehicle running unattended. The Homeland Security guy in the back was compelled to come out to prevent his van being towed. He gave us all the finger and drove off.