God Does Not Believe In Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s desperate new campaign ad (“Gays can serve in the military but kids can’t pray in schools?! Wassup with THAT!”) has elicited a hilarious response from Andy Cobb:


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3 responses to “God Does Not Believe In Rick Perry

  1. Lithp

    You know, I think what’s starting to annoy me more than the Fundies is the “You’re just as bad” crowd. There are several comments to the effect of “Now you’re just hating on Christians” in that video. Because there’s no difference between claiming that a group with very little political power is ruining your country & pointing out that the vast majority of our system that got elected on “I’m a good Christian” platforms are the ones who’ve actually screwed it up. Nope, once you show the slightest amount of criticism, now you’re just as bad.

  2. dolphin

    I think “God-fearing vagina-penetraters” is my new favorite phrase.

  3. Min

    That is pretty funny. I also like the one with Jesus’ response.