Decking The Halls, 2011

The first casualty in the War on Christmas. The elf always gets it.

We’re a little behind schedule here at the Beale household; travel and work and a winter cold put us behind with all of the holly-hanging. But on Friday I pulled the Christmas crap out from its storage place and yesterday we got our tree and gave it a good 24 hours to shake out and right now Mr. Beale is hanging the lights.

The thing about our Christmas tree is that almost all of our ornaments are food-related. I’m not sure how I started doing that but it began well before I met Mr. Beale. So now everyone knows to get us food ornaments, and when I say food I don’t mean the usual fruits or even confections, but the most offbeat, off the wall food items you can find. On our recent trip to New York we found an ornament that is a tray of sushi. Mr. Beale also got me a strip of bacon ornament. Because everything is better with bacon!

Christmas at the Beale house means one thing: unhappy puppy dogs! Every year we try to enlist them as soldiers in the War on Christmas. Every year they affirm their right to be conscientious objectors:

"Hurry up and take the damn picture, there's only so much humiliation a dog can take in one lifetime."

Here’s Riley, the Before:

…. aaaand about two seconds later, the after shot:

Also, Animal Cruelty Santa comes out from hiding to provide our cats with a cautionary tale about what happens to bad kitties. And if I find out who peed on my Christmas tree skirt, they are going to have a personal introduction to Animal Cruelty Santa.


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5 responses to “Decking The Halls, 2011

  1. Meredith

    This definitely puts me in the Christmas spirit.

  2. Nothing says “CHRISTMAS” like a decapitated elf.

    JzB who definitely did not pee on the Christmas skirt

  3. ThresherK

    I’m of the firm belief that the cats are doing everything, from breaking the ornaments to soiling the tree skirts. Canines are capable of the guilty look we call “boo boo face”, and cats are incapable of it. Ergo, the search for the guilty always seems to go to the ones who look guilty.

  4. themadkansan

    Thread Tangent: MOAR KITEH PICX!!!!!!!11111one