The New York Times Regrets The Error

Okay, this made me laugh:

Corrections: December 13

An article on Thursday about a push to ban horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park misstated part of the name of an organization to which an upstate New York veterinarian belongs, and it described the carriages incorrectly at one point. The veterinarian, Dr. Nena Winand, is a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, not the American Society of Equine Practitioners. And the carriages have four wheels, and therefore are not “hansom cabs,” which are two-wheeled. An accompanying picture caption, as well as a subheading in some editions, and a correction in this space on Friday repeated the error about the cabs. (A reader pointed out this inaccuracy in a letter published in The Times in 1985, but this is the first correction of numerous such references through the years.)

Got that? A reader pointed out the New York Times has been incorrectly using the term “Hansom cabs” 26 years ago, and they’re just now running a correction.

So take heart. Maybe we’ll get a correction about all of those Iraq WMD claims the New York Times printed — somewhere around 2029.


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4 responses to “The New York Times Regrets The Error

  1. First, they would have to regret the error.

  2. It doesn’t look like they said they regret the Hansom cabs error, so maybe there’s hope. I’ll hold my breath.

  3. Jim

    “I’ll hold my breath.”

    That will be a tremendous display of fortitude and determination. Fairwell Mr. Voorhies, it was nice knowing you.

  4. That was cynicism, Jim, but thanks for the sentiment. 🙂